Rani Arabella Cashmere Blankets

Jul 21


Jotham McCauley

Jotham McCauley

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Pioneer Linens carries Rani Arabella Cashmere Blankets. Learn how a cashmere blanket is made and the difference between different grades of quality fabrics.

Rani Arabella Cashmere Blankets and Throws Pioneer Linens carries the largest selection of Rani Arabella cashmere goods. Pioneer Linens' nearly 100 year tradition of focusing on premium quality products includes Rani Arabella for its uniqueness,Rani Arabella Cashmere Blankets Articles trend-setting style, and consistency of quality in cashmere blankets. Superior Cashmere Sweaters How does the best cashmere stand apart from lower quality women's and men's cashmere? What makes one company superior to others in the production of cashmere goods? With Rani Arabella, the answer is in the end-to-end process, from producing the fibers to finishing the detailed stitching of a luxurious cashmere sweater. Rani Arabella owns factories in Italy. They purchase raw material at the source, not just at market. They conform to all-natural production methods without harsh chemicals. Rani Arabella produces a better cashmere product. Cashmere Factories Rani buys raw material from specialty cashmere yarn companies. Choosing the colors of the source material puts Rani Arabella at the forefront of defining cashmere fashions. Production of the yarn takes about three months, which is followed by six months of production, meaning the finished cashmere scarf available at your trendy boutique comes from specially-dyed yarn created by cashmere experts like Rani. Most companies go to market to buy colors that already exist. Your cashmere specialist creates those colors, so come straight to the source! Once the pure cashmere yarn is spun, the material enters the factory to become a final product. Rani Arabella's Italian factories actively involve local artisans, a grass-roots collection that adds up to hundreds of years of experience. The base of the pattern is sometimes done by machine, with the rest finished by hand. Still many pieces are totally hand made. Then comes the finishing, a process sometimes called laundering, where your cashmere sweater increases its durability and eliminates loose fibers. The Cashmere Goat has a pashmina shawl Many companies make bold claims about their cashmere blankets or clothing. What is missing from a cheap product, and what should you make sure is true about an expensive cashmere sweater? The answer is in the original fiber, any blend, and in the finishing process.
  • Cashmere goat - "Cashmere" or Pashmina is the wool from the Cashmere goat, which lives in the cold climate of the Himalayan mountains. (The word cashmere comes from city Kashmir, while pashmina comes from the Persian word for wool.) Nature produced a light-weight underbelly of insulation for this mountain-dweller, which also happens to be luxuriously soft. Many cashmere goats are now raised in similar climates in Mongolia, grazing in plenty and giving up their delicate fibers to the combs collecting raw cashmere material.
  • Blending - Some dishonest vendors call their yarn "cashmere" when they in fact use a lower grade of wool. Others may use cashmere, but blend in lower grades to fill out the finished product inexpensively. The result is a weaker, coarser fabric. Insist on knowing the source of the fiber and if it includes a blend in any expensive product you buy. Rani Arabella's cashmere blankets use 100% pure cashmere.
  • All Natural Finishing - The EU requirements under which Rani Arabella's product are made demand no chemicals in the finishing process. Most cashmere is produced in Asia, where chemical laundering makes the process cheaper and easier, but at the cost of quality to you. Cashmere using all-natural finishing lasts much longer. When you touch a product with chemical finishing, it may initially feel soft, when in fact it is simply in the first stage of decomposition. Italian-produced cashmere blankets enjoy a luxurious lifetime because of real quality from start to finish.
Cashmere Baby Blankets The esteemed manufacturer Rani Arabella always uses high quality cashmere. An expert of color and fabric consistency, they even include different types of luxury cashmere for different products. A cashmere baby blanket uses a yarn called baby cashmere, which is bouncy, fluffy, and light. A cashmere blanket like the Roma Throw uses a heavier cashmere more tightly woven. A cashmere throw like Bari uses famous Lora Piana cashmere. Trust Pioneer Linens to find the most luxurious products in home decor, and Rani Arabella to lead the industry in producing elegant, fashionable, and durable cashmere goods.