Limited Edition Celebrity Endorced Junk Food Tee Shirts at Boredofthehighstreet.

Jun 12




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Junk Food Clothing is the hot fashion label. In order to buy the limited edition junk food tee shirts you will need to visit


http://www.boredofthehighstreet.comJunk Food clothing is a label hot out of the states. The celebrities are going mad for this ultra cool,Limited Edition Celebrity Endorced Junk Food Tee Shirts at Boredofthehighstreet. Articles hot label. Paris Hilton, Jordan, Posh A.K.A Victoria Beckham are just a few of the A list celebrities who have been spotted wearing their very own junk food tee shirts.

Jordan was recently seen out shopping in a pink Junk Food Care Bear, shake your bear behind tee shirt, which features a cool print of a Care Bear muttering those words. This tee shirt is now available at

Any Jordan fans must buy this tee shirt. Simply join the boredofthehighstreet database to get sent an amazing 20% discount code.

Lindsay Lohan was also recently seen out shopping in here very own Junk food tee shirt. The tee shirt that she wore was a skinny bitch slogan tee shirt. Again join the boredofthehighstreet database for your 20% voucher.

The Junk Food label was founded in 1998 by designers Natalie Grof, and Blaine Halvorson, and it is now widely recognised as an influential casual lifestyle brand. The tee shirts are made out of soft, weathered fabrics with cult prints, and highly original artwork.

The only website that carries a varied range of these tee shirts is  The range includes over 2000 Junk food tee shirts, However look on most websites, and you will see the same 6 or 7 tee shirts being sold, which will result in everybody looking the same. Very similar to the high street look. Now we don’t want that do we! Surely the reason to buy a cool branded tee shirt is to look different. carries a much larger range, which includes lots of tee shirts that will not be found anywhere else. Obviously the core Junk food tee shirts are still kept in stock. These include some of the all time favourites:

The I love Chunk ladies goonies tee shirt. This ladies Goonies tee shirt features Chunk doing the truffle shuffle. The care bear lucky you tee shirt, which pictures a Good Care Bear above the text “Lucky You". Then there is the classic Hong Kong Phooey ladies top with a distressed print of the lovable crime fighting character along with the funky slogan 'Chop It like It's Hot.' This tee shirt will certainly turn a few heads.

Also available on the

 website is a huge array of amazing Ltd edition products that any Junk food addict will be eager to get their hand on. One of the favourites is the Junk Food Limited edition Wonder Women hooded top. All the mister men tee shirts are available in a range of contrast prints, very different from the basic plain tee shirts.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise of finding the cool products available for yourself.  But click and have a look at the junk food products available at

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