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Alenska has launched a second generation Web site on the leading Magento eCommerce platform for those addicted to good quality linen. The site is also now filled with first class home accessories that offer both luxury and affordability to the on-line Shopper.

Alenska is the UK based retail specialist in linen home accessories.

Having recognized that the UK market does not supply the range of exotic linen products found in Russia and Eastern Europe,Guest Posting Alenska has introduced 1st class linen home accessories to the British market via its web site

Russia is a well-known supplier of linens in Europe and America. Historically Russians have grown linen flax as the climate is very favorable and no chemicals are required.

Typically our linen is planted on Russian fields that are resting after a harvest of potato or other cultures. When grown, each part of the plant is used for different products – the finest parts are used for Alenska linen fabrics and other parts are manufactured elsewhere for ropes and insulation.

As all our linen products are made with no chemical processing but only mechanically, they are one of the most ecologically friendly fabrics on Earth. It is also highly absorbent and very wearable. Our linen is an ideal fabric for children’s clothes as well as for people who suffer from a range of allergies. It is perfect for bedding and for tablecloths. Linen napkins will be in use forever and tea towels are fantastic for polishing your crystal glass!

Linen is a fabric of strategic importance. No cases of skin diseases were registered in the Russian Royal army because the soldiers were all dressed in linen. Today, linen bedding may be crucial for treating allergies.

The product range of the new website by Alenska has been expanded from luxury bed linen and table linens into bath towels, bedspreads, cushion covers and linen curtains. A range of curtains is with adjustable lengths and iron-on hemming strips that make it easy to shorten curtains at home without sewing.

Now Alenska offers not only high quality duvet covers, pillowcases and linen sheets, but also more affordable linen accessories which can make a good gift for Mother’s day, weddings, birthdays or other special occasions.

Items such as aprons and tea towels will nicely fit into the kitchen of any household all over the world.

All products are exclusively produced and designed for Alenska and we do not sell our products under any other brand.

The new site can be viewed at and there is currently free shipment on all orders over £200. Alenska also runs prize draws and promotions for its members.

Alenska has the ambition of introducing British customers to perfect and ecologically linen products that are so popular in Europe and The States… Choose Alenska to be your supplier of choice for linen and quality home accessories – you’ll become addicted too! 

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Olga Shikalova

ALenska is the UK based retailer of linen home accessories from Russia. It is managed by the mixed Russo-British team which provides the company with the flexible experience of the best marketing strategies of East and West.

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