MLM Business Success- Utilizing a Funded Proposal in your MLM Business Opportunity

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The idea of funded proposals becomes magical in a network marketing opportunity. Most network marketers are concerned about recruiting and cash flow. A funded proposal is "sound play" when it comes to meeting both needs simultaneously.

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Attaining network marketing success demands hard work,Guest Posting focus, and diligence. To the outside world, network marketing may look like a "get rich quick scheme" to those who are use to instant gratification, but I can assure you that the science of network marketing is universal and growing by leaps and bounds. Have you ever wondered why some of your friends and family are so successful in their network marketing business? Did you know that there is a hidden order to success in network marketing? It's called the power of a Funded Proposal...

What is a Funded Proposal?

A funded proposal is a business model where the lead in is FREE, which leads to a "pay to play" monthly debit purchase, and believe it or not, we've all been in the spider web of a funded proposal. For example, if you have ever visited Barnes & Noble you were simply invited into a franchise funded proposal.

Here's the kicker...

When you choose to purchase a book from Barnes & Noble, the cashier must always ask if you want to save 10% on your purchase. If you say yes, you have elected to be billed on a month to month or year to year debit as long as you stay active. This is the beauty of funded proposals and how all big companies utilize these techniques day in and day out to capitalize on millions and billions of dinero. I challenge you do to your homework on Big Names and Big People like American Idol, Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Ray, etc. You will be amazed at how many Funded Proposals are happening right now as you reading this article.

Cash flow Machine

Are you operating your network marketing business without cash flow? Funded proposals are specifically designed to put cash in your pocket to overlay the cost of advertising and other expenses needed to run your business. Sadly, many network marketers end of quitting on their dreams because money comes out of their pocket instead of from the residual cash flow from a funded proposal. Do whatever it takes to get educated on a funded proposal. It will save you years of heartache and work in the network marketing industry.

Leading with Free

In order to take advantage of the funded proposal concept in your network marketing business, you need to offer something of value for free up front, such as a free audio, e-book, video series, or coaching series. Basically, an exchange should be made between you and the prospect at this time. In exchange for your prospects phone number, email address, and first name, you agree to offer one or more of the free gifts. Furthermore, the key of a funded proposal is to build a subscriber base for relationship building and future offers.

Building Trustworthy Consumers

Utilizing a funded proposal in your network marketing business ultimately builds trustworthy prospects and customers making it very easy to grow your network marketing business. Always market in a way where you are thinking for the prospect. In other words, put yourself in their shoes and think about what in the past triggered you to exchange your name, email address, and phone number for something free. You will not go wrong with your marketing if you always think of what will help your prospect's success in the long run.

At the start of your network marketing career, your upline may never tell you about funded proposals and the importance that they can make in your network marketing business, but I can assure you that leading with your main company is more difficult than leading with free coaching, free training, free e-book, etc. Learn to lead with free information that will provide a solution to your prospects , and watch your network marketing business soar.

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