Pitambari Stone: Healing Benefits, Price & Substitutes

May 31


Rosy Desuza

Rosy Desuza

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The stone, thought to be one of the most precious stone associated with religious life and outer planetary effect, is even till today's date, immensely popular. It is directly from the blue sapphire and so has similar properties. It really is strictly suggested that the weight of the stone in its bare form should be at least a tenth compared to that of the body await conclusive and effective results.


The Pitambari stone is thought to have huge impact if people use it along with platinum. It is firmly advised that it ought to be worn during midday in you index finger of your favouring side: Left hands for still left handed people basically.

Pitambari Stone Benefits 

The stone has an excellent resemblance to the blue sapphire,Pitambari Stone: Healing Benefits, Price & Substitutes Articles and most of its benefits and uses. It really is an extremely nice stone for many who are experiencing a rough amount of time in their lives and for many who seek to provide a new interpretation with their lives. It stimulates a world of support and self-assurance and intends to permit visitors to use all the opportunities which come in their way.

The stone finds happiness because of its bearer and also creates an atmosphere of happiness. It looks for to please its bearer and is thought to great all the best.

Because of this, the stone is often thought to turn the tables so far as financial and money - related issues are taken into account. The stone is one of the very most effective for those who find themselves having a hardcore financial have difficulties and have found it difficult to complement up with the existing times of financial instability and frequently price hikes over various goods. Additionally, it offers financial support to the people in their work and business entrance as well. It really is a benefit to banks, organizations and generally, to all entrepreneurs.

The stone put forward from many medical issues to the bearers notice and also helps him make the right decisions. The Pitambari stone not only lays stress on our health and wellness issues on the skin we have but also functions as a protector of most problems inside us. It shields most organs inside our body, especially the susceptible ones and also allows you to maintain them successfully.

Pitambari Stone Price and Quality

It's suggested an unadulterated, naturally developing and unheated form of the gemstone will have the utmost affect. If an example may be searching for the perfect natural stone, a Pitambari Neelam with some transparency is recommended. Aside from this, it's advocated that such rocks must have extremely low inclusions.

The stone, in normal or luxury varieties, are thought to be similar in nude vision look, but different if observed carefully, due to its slash and polishing. This variance has an enormous effect on prices, which change from 2,000 to 17,000 rupees per carat.

Substitutes and Availability

 The stone is accessible in the Asian continent, especially in southern - East Asia, near India and Pakistan. The stone is also within some elements of U.S.A. and Brazil.

Due to the number of similar properties between Pitambari Neelam and the blue Sapphire, along using its high visible resemblance, both are well advised alternatives for every single other.