Why you should consider studying MBBS in Georgia?

Jul 7


Rosy Desuza

Rosy Desuza

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There is 100% of Literacy in Georgia, and it is considered the number one place in the world for studying medicine. There is no better option for students looking to study MBBS abroad than the medical universities of Georgia.


In Georgia,Why you should consider studying MBBS in Georgia? Articles the application process for studying in Medical College is very straightforward. There is no entrance exam for students. The admissions process is determined by the marks obtained in the 12th grade. You can apply directly to get a license to practice medicine after you complete your MBBS in Georgia.

Georgia's medical universities and colleges provide high-quality education at affordable costs compared to other foreign countries. Students are provided with world-class facilities and infrastructure.

Several medical universities in Georgia have gained worldwide recognition for their high standards of education and infrastructure. In Georgia, medical universities have been recognized by MCI and WHO. Students who obtain MBBS from Georgia are eligible to practice anywhere in the world.

Georgia MBBS: Why choose it?

In recent years, Georgia has become an attractive option for international students wishing to pursue MBBS abroad.

  1. The Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organization (WHO) accredit the medical universities of Georgia.
  2. Medical schools in Georgia award MBBS degrees that are globally recognized.
  3. Participation in international conferences and seminars helps students to gain more knowledge and experience.
  4. Students in Georgia receive sufficient discounts on travel within the country.
  5. Georgia's top medical schools provide exceptional medical education with outstanding staff.
  6. A complete MBBS in Georgia costs a lot less than those in other countries.
  7. MBBS from Georgia has many benefits
  8. Medical colleges in Georgia offer MBBS and MD degrees recognized by international bodies such as the World Health Organization and UNESCO.
  9. Georgia offers its MBBS students an opportunity to do an internship at some of the world's most prestigious international companies while still in the country.
  10. The admission process is made simpler by the absence of an entrance test.
  11. During the clinical rounds, students have the opportunity to conduct experiments, do practicals, and practice their skills in a better way.
  12. The hospitals are well equipped with excellent infrastructure and technology.
  13. Accommodations are very good and comparable to those in other developed countries.