What makes studying medicine in Ukraine so attractive

Jul 7


Rosy Desuza

Rosy Desuza

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Do you want to study medicine abroad? Here are the top reasons why you should study MBBS in Ukraine. Keep reading!


There is a lot of difficulty in selecting a college in India for achieving a medical degree. There is a high level of competition in the medical field,What makes studying medicine in Ukraine so attractive Articles so not every person can pursue their career. The NEET entrance examination is India's most prestigious, but only a small number of students are admitted to good medical schools.

Even the experts have noted that the poor facilities and accommodations discourage students from obtaining a quality education in medical colleges. This is one of the major reasons students are attracted to foreign universities, as is the opportunity to experience exotic locations and new cultures.

In terms of medical education, Europe leads the way. Russians are known for being experts in this field. Students can explore other countries and get a similar level of education for a much cheaper price, in addition to the big countries and renowned universities.

For medical students, Ukraine is a major attraction. Ukrainian medical schools produce the fourth-largest number of graduates and postgraduates in Europe, and the country is ranked second in Europe in terms of total graduates and postgraduates.

Ukraine has many prestigious government medical universities offering MBBS, MD, and other medical degrees affordable. Students who graduate from the medical universities in Ukraine with an MBBS or any other medical degree can apply for employment anywhere globally.

They have an extensive medical program, which makes them one of the best nations in the world. MBBS is beneficial for medical education in Ukraine. It is a 5-year program that includes hospital training. Almost all of the classrooms are practical-oriented, which increases student interest. College students can sit for a screening test after finishing a level to become eligible for MCI registration right after finishing the level.

There are many medical programs offered in the nation. In addition, Indian students can take advantage of medical programs in Ukraine, with medical degrees recognized throughout the world. A country like Ukraine, where 100 per cent of education is successful, would be the perfect place to study medicine.

Ukraine is one of the few countries that can offer cheap, quality medical education and training to many students because of the importance. Even though the program requirements are quite ordinary, students from middle-class families can pursue this program.

To qualify, you must have passed NEET and have attained only a 50% grade in physics, chemistry and biology in your 12th grade. Reserved categories require only 40 per cent of the marks to qualify.

In general, college fees can be some around from 3000 - 4000 USD annually, while housing costs are usually 500 - 1000 USD.