Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan - The Precious Thread of Love

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This article discusses about the festival of Rakhi and the sacred thread with the same name. It also focusses on the various gifting trends relation with this festival like how to send Rakhi to India.

Since ages India is considered as the land of festivals where each and every moments of life,Guest Posting each and every relation, bonding become a reason to celebrate. Here people just need a reason to commemorate over. Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one of the millions of festivals celebrated over here in India. But, the point why Rakhi stands out among the hundreds, is it's a celebration of the pure bonding of love shared between a brother and sister. A simple thread called Rakhi which is tied on the wrist of a brother by a sister symbolizes the sacred love between a brother and a sister. When a sister ties this sacred thread on her brother's wrist, she prays for his success and prosperity. The brother at the same time whispers the words of protection to his sister. Here lies the reason behind the popularity of this festival as it establishes the beautiful bond of love and affection two siblings share with each other. Nowadays, this Hindu festival has transcended all the religious barriers as people of other religion and believes also practice it wholeheartedly.

During the month of Shravan according to the solar calendar, Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan falls on the full moon day or Purnima for which it is called as Rakhi Purnima. A number of folks and legends have been credited as the origin of this festival. Whatever the origin can be, its influence even in this modern era is worth appreciating. Not only in the puranas and myths, we can also find trace of this festival during the freedom movement of India when Rabindranath Tagore introduced this Raksha Bandhan to unite the whole mass against the British rulers. Till date this wonderful festival has successfully retained its past glory and sacredness.

Rakhi gifts always assume a magnanimous importance for those who are miles away their brothers or sister. With the changing tides of globalisation many a India have travelled overseas for better career opportunities. For them it is very necessary to send Rakhi to India. While sisters from abroad try to send Rakhi to India, brothers in this case want to surprise their sisters by sending Rakhi gifts to India. To cater to this vast need, many a gifts portal have come up with their exclusive offering on Raksha Bandhan. One can google it and will find a plethora of online gifts shop who offers exclusive Rakhi and Rakhi gifts for the non-residential Indians.

Browse through the gifts portals and you will be amazed to see wonderful Raksha Bandhan special collection. While the collection of Rakhi threads is really enormous to choose from, gifts specially made for this festival also cover up a massive area. One can find precious diamond rakhis to simple funny kids rakhis, everything under the same roof in these shoppers stops. The most popular Rakhi gifts include chocolates, Rakhi thali, shagun gifts, jewelleries, traditional gifts etc. And these online gifts store have made sending Rakhi online a really easy task. As by just a mere click of the mouse one can send gifts to another half of the globe within few seconds. So, whoever is planning to make this festival a wonderful celebration can send Rakhi or Rakhi gifts to India through online gift shopping mall.

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