Selling on web? You can do it.

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Robin crouched before his desktop and started shooting queries at Google. Soon enough, he zeroed on what he wanted. “Phew”, he exclaimed, “what a gem!” He was looking at SBI!’s website, that seemed the ultimate in selling on web.

“Sell on web”,Guest Posting the dapper man in striped suit was saying, “it’s easy.” Robin knew he heard that before. To him the question was not ‘if’, but ‘how’. He always thought selling on web is a hallowed precinct belonging to only a few. Could he be one of them, he wasn’t sure.

Back home early, Robin crouched before his desktop and started shooting queries at Google. Soon enough, he zeroed on what he wanted. “Phew”, he exclaimed, “what a gem!” He was looking at SBI!’s website.

Robin was orthodox. He believed in the adage “whatever comes on a platter isn’t worth it”. He found solace in SBI!’s firm advice to work hard at it. But wasn’t it that SBI! gave all that one needed to succeed on web? Robin decided to take note of all that SBI! offered.

Own A Website

The basics first. Did SBI! offer domain name, building website, web hosting, unlimited pages, page templates, unlimited email accounts, or for that matter, unlimited data transfer and unlimited hosting space?Yes, SBI! offered all these and more. Robin knew old-styled hosting providers would never provide unlimited hosting space and unlimited data transfer. Not SBI!. That meant when he owned a website in SBI!, he owned from the head to tail of it. Nothing less.

Ecommerce Now

You named it, you had it. Robin was eager that he must have catalog-display of his products, a fully-featured shopping cart and credit card processing as well. He wasn’t disappointed. To be true, SBI! overwhelmed him. Literally. Robin could either use SBI!’s Store-Build-It feature or plug-n-play with leading 3rd parties that delivered ‘pre-sold visitors’.

The icing on the cake was that SBI! included affiliate program too as part of ecommerce package. Was that an error he saw? Nope! He rubbed eyes and confirmed again.

Search Engine Optimization

Robin now leaned back and thought. He would require search engine optimization for his website. Unless he did that - he had recently learnt in a seminar – there was no way his site would ever appear in top search results. But wasn’t search engine optimization an expert job? He tried to figure out what help he must have if he wanted to do himself.

Keyword research tool for sure (he always thought ‘keyword research’ was better than plain old ‘keyword selection’). What else? He must know what the logfiles said. He must have click tracking option and their proper analysis. Search engine ranking report for various keywords was another help as also link exchange program.

Here he paused awhile and thought hard. Did he need any more help? Well, if he could have website analysis for search engine compatibility, nothing like it. And above all, why not ability to track search engine spiders and search engine listing report?Well, he must be insane to ask all that! To his utter amazement, Robin found SBI! gave all these help! For the first time he started feeling he would never want anything else, but SBI!.

Marketing Business

The evening grew old. Time for dinner. But, possessed as he was by SBI!, Robin decided to skip his food. Eyes glued to computer, he suddenly felt a bit downcast. What if SBI! didn’t help to market his website?He soon found his worry was misplaced. SBI! offered list building for email marketing and distribution, ezine publishing tool with open-rate stats, unlimited form creation tool and database storage of responses, step-by-step marketing guide, unlimited autoresponders and that latest fad, blogging.

He felt assured his SBI! website business would not falter for want of tools and assistance. Scanning the list of tools, his eyes stuck at ‘keyword brainstorm tool’. What on earth was that, he wondered! He decided to explore.

The more he delved the more he became awestruck. For each keyword Robin would choose, SBI! brainstormer would fish out detail information about top sites enabling him to search, sort, analyze and select the best course of action to succeed. It was easily the ultimate master keyword generator that provided the most profitable (‘demand’ versus ‘supply’) topics related to Robin’s keywords. All he needed was to start monetizing those info’.

For just $299 a year, that's less than a dollar a day.

In A Tizzy

Robin looked at time. Hours had flown without his knowing. He stretched and yawned. Before weariness of long hours could grip him, he made one final count of remaining SBI! features. The list seemed endless – customized 404 page, password-protect pages, automated RSS feed creation, unlimited submissions to search engines, pay-per-click mass bidding, automated Google and Yahoo! sitemap creation, private forums, graphic logo and navbar creation,….

Robin slumped back in chair. He was in a tizzy. That was too much for a single evening.

Gathering himself, Robin walked to the window and drew the curtains. Dawn was about to break. The color of the distant horizon was fast changing. As a new day was about to begin, he knew that a great future awaited him. He thanked SBI!.

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