Six techniques to triple your website hits

Jun 7


Steve Morey

Steve Morey

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Welcome, Over the past five years I have learnt many tricks to gain visitors. Many are great and some are negative, even getting me excluded from major search engines. For your benefit I have comprised a list of six free, easy and simple ways that may double or even triple your visitor count within Three Months.


1: Get listed in free directories: (Open Directory Project) is one of the top places to get listed,Six techniques to triple your website hits Articles if you get your site listed. Up to 20 other websites copy their directory, you now have the opportunity to have your link on many more websites.

2: Find out your competitors link popularity:

Do a simple search on google and find out who your competitors are. Then go to and try to get your website included on many of the sites you find.

3: Find quality and reliable links:

I have found that less than 1/10th of my visitors come from search engines. Quality links are the key; websites with a large volume of customers are often your best ally. Related websites to your own site is generally best, this is often said for a better search engine ranking, but I advise related sites purely for a targeted audience.

4: Find out where your competitors visitors go: is a brilliant website, when you find your major competitors you can search their domain on You can find out a lot of information about their visitors, where they come from, how many visit and best of all what other sites they visit that are related to your competitors.

5: Get yourself a signature:

Many people ignore the idea of a signature in their email, this can often be a great idea. People will see this link can often visit, you may not agree but one more visitor is better than none.

6: Setup an affiliate program:

Currently I am in the process of getting my own affiliate program custom built. There are many major reasons for getting your own affiliate program. The most important reason is, allowing other websites advertise your products for you. This has to be a brilliant idea, even though you are paying them you are only paying them from sales that they have helped generate, otherwise you would not have had these sales.

I do not recommend working too hard at trying to impress google, my main website only has a medium PR of 5. I have not optimised this site for google nor do I intend to. I have had many issues with google and they will find any excuse to exclude anyone from their index. Google make their own rules, you cannot defend yourself. Even so I still recommend submitting your website to the major search engines, do be careful to do so only once.

Good luck with improving your visitor base, I cannot guarantee these techniques will improve your traffic. Although I have tripled my visitor count in three months, I am very happy with my results. Even within the past week my site is receiving an average of 10 customers more per day, without any extra work.

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