What make the Skin of Film Faced Plywood Dry?

Apr 7


Lily Chung

Lily Chung

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What make the skin of film faced plywood dry?


Air temperature and humidity: when it is naturally dry,What make the Skin of Film Faced Plywood Dry? Articles the heat required for the transpiration of moisture in the slab is naturally supplied. Winter and summer: Although the climate is dry in winter, the temperature is quite low, so there is very little water transpired, especially when the water freezes and the internal water stops moving, the drying stops.


The stacking direction and wind direction of the film faced plywood: The surrounding of the plywood stacking is open, so the outside is dry and quick, and the inside is slow to dry. Therefore, the air circulates, so that the inside and outside are equally dry. In order to ventilate the interior of the wood pile, it is necessary to select the skids appropriately and stack them correctly.


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