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When you want to deliver custom quotes, you have two options; either do it manually and spend hours to creating a quote or use a quoting tool and generate it in minutes. Choosing the second option is...

When you want to deliver custom quotes,Guest Posting you have two options; either do it manually and spend hours to creating a quote or use a quoting tool and generate it in minutes.

Choosing the second option is a sensible decision. A sales quoting software is capable of accelerating your sales, which is your main purpose in running the business. Right? By choosing an appropriate quoting system, you can amplify your sales efforts and take your business to the next level.

When a potential customer shows interest in your products, sending an attractive quote in minutes is the key to win deals. If you want your prospects to form a positive impression about your business, make sure to send impeccable quotes quickly.

Quote manually and you will mess up your entire quoting process and leave the customer frustrated. A sales quoting application increases your odds of getting a positive review as you fulfill their expectations.


Don't Mess Things by Using Spreadsheets

With manual quoting, you will use emails and phones to keep track of quote-related conversations. The use of spreadsheets to store product details isn't a good option. As inventory and product complexity increases, you will end up in a mess that's difficult to use.

Try using spreadsheets to quote product configurations and you will understand how difficult things can get. With a quoting tool, you can quote multiple bundles and highly complex configurations in a few minutes.

Simplified Tracking

A sales quoting software, on the other hand, will automate the process and provide information about your quote's real-time status. For instance, you can find out whether your customer has opened the quote, accepted the quote, etc. You don't have to call your customers to check whether they have accepted the quote.

Centralized Document Management System

With a sales quoting module, you can create a centralized repository of documents and store all your quote documents at one central location, thereby making it easier to handle quotes.

Whatever be the status of the quote, be it pending or approved, all the documents are available at a central place. This will give a better understanding of your quoting activity.

Rich Set of Templates

A sales quoting software has a built-in set of highly customizable templates that allow you to create attractive quotes. The built-in templates are beautiful and gorgeous that give a professional look to your store. You can create branded quotes that enable you to stand out from the competition.

Web-based Quoting Tool

Want to create quotes online from any Internet-enabled device? Well, you need to use web-based quoting software that works on the Internet. Cloud-based quoting tools are easily accessible from a web browser.

A laptop and a reliable Internet connection are all that are needed to run a web-based solution. Cloud-based quoting applications have an intuitive user interface and out of the box functionalities such as built-in error checking. This feature ensures that you don't quote products with the wrong price.

Mobile Quoting App

Want to manage your quoting activity using your mobile devices? Well, simply install the sales quoting app and you can easily handle some of the most complex RFQs on the go.

Creating quotes on a desktop keeps you tied up to your office. Depending on office PCs can make it difficult to instantly respond to any quote request. A quoting app gives you the flexibility to handle your quoting activity from anywhere.

Just switch on your smartphone, connect it to the Internet, open the mobile quotation app, and access all the information required to create quotes. The flexibility to create quotes anywhere anytime can shorten your sales cycle and close more deals. Your sales teams no matter where they are can collaborate efficiently.

On the whole, the task of creating sales quotes is time-consuming but if you automate the process, you can create a large number of quotes in a minimum amount of time.


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