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Everyone looks today for cheap 3D camera, they where once expensive and unaffordable and now they are sold for low prices. There are many 3D cameras, and soon there will be much more, most of them will cost around $300. But there are some 3D cameras to be found less than $199! Here are two of them.
Now that Youtube has a 3D channel and every home has a 3D capable HD TV set, it is just logical that the 3D cameras will be more popular and searched by consumers. But many consumers do not want to pay $300 or higher for a simple home 3D camera.

You will be happy to learn that the fact that 3D cameras are sold for less than $199,Guest Posting does not necessarily mean they are not worth the money. You will soon find which 3D camera is worth the money and which is not.
There are currently two brands that sell 3D cameras for less than $199, Apitek and Viewsonic.

Both companies are well known for their digital gadgets and abilities. Apitek is a new player at the 3D cameras, fighting there against the big monopole giants Sony and Fujifilm. Apitek has launched a very fine packed with technology 3D camera (it is a 3D camcorder too) with is sold for $199 or less. This is the best value for money 3D camera on the market today.

The Apitek will deliver you very clear 3D photos and 3D video, it supports all HD TV viewing possibilities, plug and play features, direct upload to sharing sites, 3D LCD screen with no glasses needed and more.
On the other end of the cheap 3D cameras scale there is the Viewsonic 3D camera, sold for $149 or less. It is a basic technology camera with 2 lenses and ability to capture 3D images.
The Viewsonic has simple viewing and transferring image features. The consumer reviews gave it a very low score…
The main fault is the connection to HDTV and 3D displays, where the camera and software fail. 3D videos are not displayed properly on HDTV and fail to show easily on PC and other display options.

Who Is The Winner For The Cheapest 3D Camera?
The winner in this lowest price contest for now (2011) is the Apitek 3D camcorder!
This little smart device with the twin lens has some surprising capabilities which make this little devil a great value for money deal. If you are looking for the lowest price for 3D camera, and have a limited budget, and do not want to waste your money on a ‘cheap’ camera then this Apitek 3D camera is a bargain.

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