The mantra, method and benefits of wearing Emerald Stone

Mar 30


Rosy Desuza

Rosy Desuza

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Emerald is the gemstone of the planet Mercury. It is green stone like a feather of a parrot and is like a peacock. If there is an influence of the planet Mercury in the horoscope of the native,The mantra, method and benefits of wearing Emerald Stone Articles then it advised to wear this gemstone. According to Vedic astrology, emerald is the gem of the planet Mercury. Emeralds, main mines of emerald stone are Zambia and Scotland, are considered much better. The color of this gemstone can range from a light-colored parrot to a thick green color. Transparent and dark fiber emeralds are very expensive. And if this emerald stone is getting cheaper, then understand that this gemstone is not right. According to astrology, Panna gem should be worn only when Mercury planet is in auspicious effect in the horoscope. Wearing emeralds increases the ability of the brain to function and a person starts achieving success in studies, writing, business etc.

People studying and should wear emerald stone after observing the horoscope. This leads to the development of intelligence because Mercury planet has an important role in academic life. Traders can also wear emeralds for the advancement of their business. The natives must be wearing emeralds for their accounts.

Apart from this, the people associated with the acting and film field should also wear emerald because Mercury planet has a special effect in these areas. But to wear this gemstone it is very important to seek astrologer advice. Because if the Mercury planet does not have the right effect in the horoscope, then this gem can bring difficulties in your life. So, if someone has advised you to wear emerald, then keep in mind the following things.

Is the gemstone real or fake?

Before wearing any emerald gemstone, it should be known whether the gemstone is real or fake. Because sometimes wearing fake gems also causes problems in life. To know whether the emerald is real or fake, try placing the gemstone on your eyes and eyelids, if you feel cold then understand the gemstone is real.

Apart from this, putting emerald in a glass filled with water will show a green aura that will not be seen in fake gems. Apart from this, if there is any type of stain, color, pit, rough and dot on the gem, it should not be worn.

Method of wearing emerald

If the position of Mercury in your horoscope is good and you have been advised by a priest to wear emerald, then you can wear emerald.

For this, you have to wear 3 to 5 carat emerald in gold ring. To wear the ring, take the benefits of the ring after sunrise on any bright Wednesday. For this, first put the ring in milk, then Ganges water, then honey and Gul sugar solution. After that, burn five incense sticks in the name of Budhdev. And pray that hey! Mercury God, I am wearing this gem to get your blessings, please give me your blessings.

Now remove the ring from the mixture and rotate it over the incense sticks 108 times. Chant After that, touch the ring with the feet of Vishnu and wear it in the little finger. Keep in mind, there should not be any type of defect in the gemstone, otherwise auspicious effects may decrease.

Ring mantra

“Om Aim Bum BuddhayeNamah. "

Note: If there is any problem, contact for an astrological consultation. If you want to know more about stone or Rudraksha according to your zodiac or horoscope, then seek astrological consultation. If a person has doubts related to astrology or Vastu, then you can ask questions without any doubt, as much as possible, doubts will be solved. Our astrological team strives to give you full support.