The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Beach Footwear

Jan 26


Ryan Yash

Ryan Yash

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Beachwear is all about repose and unwinding. It should be equally summery and fun to cast back the exuberant spirit of beaches, but at the same time, it should be quite fuss-free yet casual to ensure the utmost comfort of the person wearing it.


                      Beaches are a spot you visit to repose and unwind. The outfits and accessories you wear must also be conducive to that. If you're making your way to the sand,The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Beach Footwear Articles then you should never overlook footwear. Perhaps you love long stroll on the shore, lounging on the seashore or swishing the tide- anyways, you will need a right pair of men’s beach footwear. 


Flat Sandals 


Want to nail a dressier beach look? Or will you head to anyplace afterwards- a cafe, bar or shopping centre? Then you can’t get enough of flat sandals. The straps of flat sandals hold them in place firmly, making it less likely that you trip down while walking over the sand. 


When it comes to picking sandals to don on the beach, be mindful that the beach is quite a clammy spot and so steer clear of delicate materials, such as suede. Instead, go for rubber, PVC and TPU. 


Whatever men’s beach footwear you go for, make sure that they’re equally easy to care for and clean as possible.


If you want trendy flat sandals which are flexible, yet lightweight, then Walkaroo has got you covered. You can choose from their wide range of men’s beach footwear, such as sandals in both contemporary and classic designs, where most of them come with adjustable straps. 


Flip flops 


When it comes to men’s beach footwear, Flip-flops have been the staple over the years. They’re open, easy to put on and off, which makes them quite cool to wear. A vast majority of them are designed to be able to remain unscathed to splashing of waves. This commonly worn variety characterised by a y-shaped strap and flat soles is greatly loved for the utmost breeziness and comfort they have, particularly during the hottest season of the year where the foot must be allowed to breathe. Beach flip-flops in black, red and white are much popular.


Think of them as the casually chic beach footwear that you will certainly love, besides feeling extremely good on your feet. They’re characterised by subtle detailing and thin strap style. 




Slippers are extremely suitable for beaches, which is reflected in their structure and design, which is in such a way that its absolutely easy to stroll around in them for you on sandy beach shores. Typically, slippers are made out of materials which are elastic and springy, while still being sturdy, making it apt for water and also, sand. Such kind of materials also offers utmost resistance to sand, making it a lot more easier to walk around in them. Slippers vary in terms of strap styles- single strap, double or triple or criss-cross strap over the front. Their design is typically quite free and open to let you the freedom to move and make it ideal for summer.


To elevate your beach style, consider opting for this pair of chic men’s casual slippers. 


Walkaroo’s lightweight yet stable Men’s beach footwear come in a variety of patterns, colours and materials at attractive price points, Many have versatile, simple designs, with subtle detailing. Walkaroo has an impressive inventory of Slippers, sandals and flip-flops for men. Whether you plan to stroll, lounge back, splash or chill at the beach, Walkaroo has a perfect pair of men’s beach footwear for you- perhaps even more!


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