Top 5 Online Shopping Portals with Coupons

Aug 27


Anamika Sharma

Anamika Sharma

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In present online shopping are growing rapidly in India. Many online shopping portals are present on the web. Here are some top Indian online shopping portals that provide discount coupons to their valuable customers.


As the internet grows,Top 5 Online Shopping Portals with Coupons Articles the way that individuals use the internet also keeps changing. A few years back, the internet was only used for sending and receiving emails. However, with the time more and more tasks can be carried out virtually such as connecting with people through Social Networks, and playing games. One of the rising trends today is online shopping with coupon codes. With the use of coupon codes you can get huge discount on top brands. Below are the Top 5 Online Shopping Portals of India that provide shopping coupon codes.


This is a natively Indian online shopping venture that has a unique method of giving cash upon delivery of goods. This portal has become quite popular within a few years. This is because it offers great deals, excellent customer support, and fast delivery. In the urban areas, they deliver the products within 24 hours and this is one of the appreciable features of this website. Flipkart sells cosmetics, books, electric items, and Men's clothing. Flipkart provide coupons or discount coupons by which you can get huge discount on electronics accessories, books or clothing etc....


All over the world, EBay has been a marvel and it is also among the best shopping sites in India. Even though it is not quite popular when compared to Flipkart, it has its own crowd of clients who swear by its fantastic deals and brand value. This website has excellent features for connecting the buyers to the sellers. Therefore, it makes it easier for Indian sellers to showcase their products and sell them. Shoppers can get everything from cosmetics, books, electric items to kitchenware. eBay also provide coupon codes or promo codes to their valuable customers.

Myntra is one of the widely held online shopping India sites for lifestyle and fashion products in the beautiful country of India. This website was opened in 2007 and has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. Myntra has ties with international and major national brands. It caters for clients who want items in accessories, jewelry, footwear, and clothing. They always offer discounts codes and special offers particularly during Indian festivals and celebrations. Customers must register with this website before they buy any product.


Snapdeal was founded on a unique idea. This website works with the local stores and offers their users the best deals. Usually, the main focus is on the discounts that customers get when they visit the stores. For clients to get these offers, they have to register with Snapdeal and then look for the types of deals that are available in their local area Clients select the deals they want, pay, and get a code that they use to get the offers. In addition to this, Snapdeal also has a virtual store where they showcase their products.


This is a company that is based in the United States and has their own Indian outlet. Tradus has a wide range of products compared to other fashion portals in India. This site is much loved by Indians because of the great discounts it offers to customers especially on electrical items. This website deals with shoes, clothing, cosmetics items, books, accessories, electrical items and much more.

Online shopping sites are a new sensation in India. However, the popularity of these websites tends to grow by the day. It is without a doubt that this form of shopping will increase as more and more Indians use the internet daily.