Top Predictions and Expectations of Shopify Experts for 2020

Jul 25


Zobi Web Solutions

Zobi Web Solutions

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Nowadays, online shopping is one of the toppest growing field. In this busy life nobody wants to waste their time for window shopping. So, that's why every store owners are making an eCommerce store to compete this online market. So, in this article we are going to know you about the predictions and expectations of Shopify experts.


Shopify is one of the ideal platform for small and medium-sized businesses for developing an efficient solution for an eCommerce store. Shopify offers a professional experience to run an online shopping store. The main benefit of using Shopify is that it can be developed as a trunkey solution to be handed over to the shop owners quickly. Shopify makes it easy to integrate some powerful eCommerce features including unlimited products,Top Predictions and Expectations of Shopify Experts for 2020 Articles discount codes, and financial & other reports.

Before you start searching for the Shopify Development Company, you should be aware of some future expectations and the latest trends from the solution. For getting the best of all the features and easy development solution you need to hire experienced Shopify developers or a Shopify development company.

So, here we are going to know you about the eCommerce predictions for 2020, which will help you to hire Shopify developers or a Shopify development company.


Shopify experts increased their focus on building conversion with the people and creating integrated opportunities. The architecture of eCommerce is radical changes in terms of customer service. Customers need to have opportunities to deliver their feedback, that's why they can see the improvements in their interaction with brands. When brands try to sell aggressively on their websites, customers will away from there.

It would be more effective and helpful to allow customers to explore whatever they want through the interaction of the website rather than displaying the products for the sale. Shopify is one of the best way to deliver a great experience to your customers with conversation-starting opportunities that ready your brand.

Delivering best eCommerce Experience

Websites are going well with designing and now aim to serve full-scale experience, as per the Shopify experts. Because of better data processing and management, it becomes easy that makes simple upgrades that do not costly. As, a recent Shopify, merchants are more excited with the potential to develop a better user experience that provides a competitive edge. So, If you are going to hire a Shopify developer, make sure that this point is addressed.

AI Chatbot

Nowadays, most of the customer support and services are integrating with virtual assistants. Experts feel that this is due to the customer's demand for prompt and accurate answers to their questions. That's why chatbots are powered by machine learning. They analyze all customer communication to understand the questions better. With all the customer data they can provide personalized support to every specific customer.

Voice Search

The main thing of the prediction at the Shopify unite conference was the importance given to the voice search. With the voice search platforms like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, a very soon voice search will be implemented to the shopping websites and applications. As per the recent report experts predict that voice-based search industry will grow to a valuation of a minimum of $7 billion, and by 2020 as half of all the searches will be done through voice. Most of the merchants can hold this trend to build a strong website that can be optimized for voice shopping.

Social Media Shopping

Instagram, the largest social media platform has recently announced that Instagram directs shopping where merchants can sell their product direct via this platform. This platform moves from just advertising to selling with a few essential features that will help customers to complete the transaction without leaving the application.

Facebook is also providing selling features. Social media gives to reach and address the customers who spent most of their time on social media. Shopify also able to sell products on Instagram and that's why the website is fully loaded and ready to go.

On-Site Personalization

Around 40 to 45 percent of customers prefer brands that personalize the shopping experience over those that have generic experience. That's why the merchants are investing in building on-site strategies for better conversion rates. In dynamic websites the data of customers is one of the important input selections like "You also like" and others are becoming more important to deliver customized content for visitors. This can help to build a better conversion rate.

Faster and Better eCommerce

Shopify Plus and Shopify are making eCommerce business faster and this trend will grow. Shopify experts are positive that most of the brands and companies will move away from the outdated software to platforms like Shopify which are affordable and easy to use. These brands and companies grasp greater control and better efficiency on developers.


The Shopify platform has changed the development and making of eCommerce brands with scalable and secure solutions. If you are going to hire a Shopify development expert than it's crucial to understand both merchants and the customers. Zobi Web Solutions is one of the best Shopify Development Company that can give you complete control of the eCommerce store and can actively help you in the complete development process.