Use Forums To Generate Free Leads & Traffic

Oct 17


Jake Hyten

Jake Hyten

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Learn to use forums to generate free leads and traffic for your business or website.


Copyright (c) 2007 Jacob Hyten

Using forums to promote my opportunity has been one of my favorite FREE traffic generation methods for many reasons.

1. Targeted prospects and audience

2. Learn and contribute at the same time

3. Posts are a continuous source of exposure

4. Great place to make connections with like minded people

Your traffic will not shoot through the roof when using forums but making a post and contributing to the community takes very little time. When you do get traffic from forums the great part is it will be HIGHLY TARGETED traffic.

The most important part of using forums is making a catchy "signature box". Your signature box is simply a short message that gets posted at the end of every post you make in the forum. Your signature needs to be catchy enough to make people want to click on your link to visit your page. If you are new to internet marketing your best bet is to browse the forums and look at others signatures to see what catches your attention. Then develop your own based on your particular business.

OK! So now for the good stuff! Let's get into exactly what to do.

First of all,Use Forums To Generate Free Leads & Traffic Articles finding forums is pretty easy. Since we are in the network marketing industry we can simply go to google and type in "network marketing" + "forums". Typing it in like this makes sure that the exact words come up. Don't stop there though you can try other forums such as "MLM" + "Forums" and not only people in mlm forums are looking for opportunities! There are MANY other forums you can become a part of such as money forums or home business forums. You need to do your own testing and see what gives you the biggest response. But for now start with the network marketing and mlm forums. Also make sure there is activity In the forum. If there are only 100 members and nobody has posted for a month or two don't even waste your time.

So here are your action steps:

1. Find 5 or 6 forums pertaining to MLM or network marketing and join them

2. Make at least one post per day in each forum (20 minutes per day)

3. Make your signature box and test different ones to get better results

The most important thing is to test things on your own and try new ideas. Our team uses a method when using forums to make their post one of the most popular posts so that literally EVERYONE in the forum is participating in their post and thousands see their signature box. I hope this was helpful. Good luck out there!