What Customers Really Want With Portable DVD Players, Online Ecommerce Giant Reveals All

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When looking to list a portable DVD player online do you often what sells and what doesn't? We have done the research for you in this insightful article.

While some may say the age for physical media is coming to an end and the world is going digital you wouldn't be able to tell that to makers of the portable DVD player.

The portable DVD player has been flying off the shelves at electronics stores and rapidly being snapped up on eBay other online auction sites and virtual stores.

But this is not to say that every model of portable DVD is doing well. Some with Blu Ray and other features have not nearly moved as fast as other models.

So what is it that is drawing people to portable DVD players and why is it that some are doing astoundingly well while sales for others just amble along?

One large-scale  online retailer has 'fessed up' with all the features that people want which will come as good news for eBay resellers and online retailers.

When looking for a portable DVD player most people are most often looking for the following things:

**Game Ports**
Whether it is to plug the Xbox in when they're on holiday or boot up the NES and SNES games that many portable DVD players are coming with these days it seems that more and more people are looking for a unit that will work with a couple of controllers.

**The Ability To Connect To The Car Audio System**
It doesn't matter whether it is through an AV output or via a FM transmitter many people want the portable DVD to be able to transmit sound to the car DVD player/car stereo.

This is largely because travelling can get very dull in the back of a car and anything that can take the boredom off the trip can be a godsend for everybody in the car. And with the ability to connect to the main stereo system the people in the back can get the full experience of the sound.

**The Ability To Play Different Formats**
Not everything is in the same disc format any more,Guest Posting any average household is likely to have DVDs CD-Rs with copies of their favorite songs and VCDs of various movies and TV shows.

The media consumed by an average family is likely to include MP3 files, MPEG-4 Files, JPG files (of a camping trip or sports day) and any number of file types in between.

As a result, any portable DVD player needs to be able to play a range of different discs and media formats to be even in the running for customers' attention.
**Long Battery Life**
There's no point in having a portable DVD player that won't handle a thee hour movie just because the battery life isn't up to scratch. Even if an extra battery is thrown in the hassle of changing batteries mid-movie is probably enough to prevent a shopper from buying a portable DVD with a shorter batter life.

**DC Adapter and Car Cigarette Lighter Port Converter**
As many people will be using their portable DVD to keep the back seat passengers entertained during long car rides its probably important that the portable DVD keeps charged during this time. A car adapter will solve that problem.

**Ease Of Use**
It shouldn't be complicated to use a portable DVD player, it isn't a computer after all. And people will quickly cast aside DVD players that are less than user friendly.

**Something That Can Take The Knocks**
A portable DVD player is going to carried places, and, as a result needs to be able to handle some punishment.

**A screen 7 inches or bigger**
If somebody wanted a 4 inch screen they would get a MP4 players. When it comes to portable DVD players the bigger the screen the better it is.
There are a few other features that consumers want, but will not make too much of a fuss if they are not there. These I classify as "nice to have," and include the following:
Velcro straps to attach to back of seat
Remote Control
Digital TV tuner
Auxiliary inputs
Multiple headphone jacks
Louder speakers

So who is buying portable DVD players?

Even the most cursory glance over the most looked for features would suggest parents looking for something to keep their kids entertained.

According to retailers about 70% of the portable DVD market is made up by parents and grandparents.

So what can you do with this information?

By looking for portable DVD players that have all the right features, and by pitching your listings to families you will be going a long way to capturing a huge chunk of a very profitable market.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there today and start sourcing the portable DVD player models that will bring in the sales.

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