What Is An Amazon Marketing Agency?

Jun 24


Savanna Eckenrode

Savanna Eckenrode

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Every second Amazon records almost $5000 in sales. With over 225,000 sellers making $100,000 in sales and climbing, it's easy to see why people want to get in on the Amazon marketplace. But how can you stand out against all competition?


Every second Amazon records almost $5000 in sales. With over 225,000 sellers making $100,000 in sales and climbing,What Is An Amazon Marketing Agency? Articles it's easy to see why people want to get in on the Amazon marketplace.  But how can you stand out against all competition?

Amazon marketing agencies are experts at crafting product listings on the marketplace that sell. This basically means your products will sell themselves with the help of SEO and other digital marketing strategies. 

Keep reading to find out how the best amazon marketing agencies are able to take your Amazon store to the next level!

What Are they

An Amazon Marketing Agency is a business that is experienced specifically with the Amazon marketplace for sellers and vendors.

They offer a variety of marketing services to clients that help them find the best keywords to use, write copy that gets their products in front of more customers, and many more nuanced marketing activities directly related to the Amazon marketplace. Their job is to help Amazon sellers and vendors who may not be up to date or confident in their marketing skills market better online to increase their sales.

Amazon marketing agencies can provide any number of marketing services including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • A professional will take a look at your current product listings including any photos and text to ensure they include the best keywords and tags for Amazon’s search algorithm
  • Listing Optimization
  • Someone will look through your listings to search for any areas of improvement such as improving the text, uploading better images, or adding keywords or tags
  • Keyword Research
  • Marketers will conduct research to ensure you are using the most targeted keyword for your target market and that they are present in your product listings
  • Paid Advertising
  • Just like with Google or social media pay-per-click (PPC) is important for your  Amazon listings and a professional company can help you through the steps
  • Product Photography
  • Professional photographers can take a look at your current product photos and offer suggestions or even provide photography services so your products look their best online
  • Product Content
  • Content writers will review your product listings and help write copy for them that will make them stand out against others and do well on Amazon search results
  • Storefront Design
  • Designers will take your storefront and give it a professional, polished look to help show your customers you are a legitimate business to purchase from

Why Should You Hire

The simple answer is that Amazon sellers need marketing agencies because they will help introduce their products to new customers.  Amazon is such a large marketplace that it is easy to get buried under all the other sellers and vendors.  

But an Amazon marketing agency has actual experience with the marketplace and can tailor their efforts specifically to get your product in front of the eyes that want to see and buy it. They will be able to use this previous knowledge to optimize your listings and save you time and effort on marketing strategies that will not work on Amazon.

Marketing agencies specifically experienced with the Amazon marketplace will be able to assist you with unique aspects of  Amazon including: 

  • Knowing which type of ad fits your goals
  • Amazon marketing agencies are going to know which ads will fit your overall marketing goals without guesswork
  • Helping you with Amazon guidelines
  •  These agencies will already fully understand  Amazon guidelines so they can ensure your marketing efforts and product listings are following the rules
  • Will efficiently research your competitors and provide analysis
  • Some Amazon marketing agencies can provide you with a thorough analysis of your competitors which will help you with making smart business decisions 

The Bottom Line

You spend the time setting up your store and gathering your inventory.  Help make all the effort a success by choosing one of the best Amazon marketing agencies that will work with you to optimize your products and drive customers to your listings in a sea of other Amazon sellers.

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