What is Progressive Web App, and how eCommerce businesses benefit from it?

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A progressive web app is an application that delivers an app-based interface to the users. This technology works everywhere and provides a highly-engaging user experience of a native app. In Layman’s words,Guest Posting “PWAs combine the best of websites and apps.” PWAs have been used by large enterprises such as Twitter, Alibaba, and Walmart to increase conversion rates and grow revenues. Small and medium scale businesses can also take advantage of this technology to create an app-like experience for their customers.

In this article, we will discuss what PWAs are and how they are benefitting eCommerce, but before that, we have to discuss the characteristics that a PWA must have-

  1. Progressive

It is a powerful tool that operates well irrespective of the browser choice of the user.

  1. Responsive

A progressive web app suits the need for any gadget, whether it is a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

  1. Safety

Every PWA provides a secure server which users can see on the top of their browser in the form of a green lock.

  1. Up-to-date

PWAs are always upgraded timely due to their cache-storage ability.

  1. Shareable

No complicated installation is required to operate PWA; all they need to do is share the URL if they want to share the PWA.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility makes sure that the pages of your display perfectly on tablets as well as mobile phones.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps

Let us talk about some of the benefits of progressive web apps for eCommerce businesses.

  1. Helps you reach a wider audience

PWAs work for every user, no matter what platform they’re on. PWAs are also responsive as they fit all screen sizes. Since the PWA can be shared via a link, it will engage a wider audience, and more people would download the app.

  1. Secure payments

Security is one of the important things to look for on any website. Security is also among the most important PWA benefits for eCommerce enterprises. Because of the payment request API integrated into a browser, shoppers can enjoy fast and secure payments.

  1. Speed and accessibility

Speed plays a significant role in the overall performance of a website. If any website takes more than 3 seconds to load, mobile users will abandon the site. PWAs are super-fast because they sue modern web development technologies and frameworks.

  1. Better conversions

PWAs provide better user experience for customers, and better user experience results in better and increased conversions. Thus, we can say PWAs result in increased sales.

  1. Offline mode

One of the key advantages of PWA is its functionality. With the help of offline mode, users will have access to shop wherever they want and whenever they want.

  1. Easily maintainable

PWAs can be maintained easily as they will not cost much. Upgrades can be made just by addressing PWA requirements for different browsers. If you want to build separate apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, it will cost you much more than PWA.

  1. Fits all the screen sizes

PWAs are accessible on any browser, including Google Chrome, opera mini, UC browser Mozilla Firefox, etc. therefore, PWAs can work across all the screens of different sizes, and that brings in more traffic to your eCommerce site.

We will talk about some of the challenges of Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce.
  • As progressive web apps are not websites, but for large web applications, there’s a vast difference between building websites and building apps. They are a bit more challenging to design and run as PWAs are designed with app architecture and high requirements for web coding.
  • PWAs are new mobile technology, and therefore, there are not many unique solutions.
  • PWAs are not as popular as a responsive website.
  • PWAs don’t have access to user’s data such as their media, contacts, profiles, etc.
  • Opportunities in PWA are limited.
Final words

Progressive web apps are the future of software technology for the web. It is a great tool you need to earn profits, attract customers, and grow your business in no time. PWAs are forward-looking, and they are expected to grow in the coming years. PWA can work on any gadget with limited functionality and extend its potential on devices. A growing number of merchants are using the advantages of PWA around the world, so why should you stand out?

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