What to Wear On a Date in India

Aug 27


Rahul Saraswat

Rahul Saraswat

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Are you tensed that you lost your guy on your first date? Going for a date is romantic but some time more hectic. Online shopping provides you a better opportunity to select best fashionable dresses.

Are you afraid that you might send your guy away on your first date? Going for a date is both fun and hectic. Fun because you are out to meet a loved one,What to Wear On a Date in India Articles but hectic because you really don't know what your date will think of your wardrobe. Therefore, this calls for you to wear a nice and simple dress and one that is considered okay by the majority of the people. After having a rapport with your date and understanding what he likes you to wear, you can go on to wear his preferences.

Dresses in India are a preference of many men. But which dress is the best to wear on a date? Here is the one dress that has evolved through numerous designs and is 2014's women dress for date.

Patiala Salwar

Patiala salwar is one of the top dresses in 2014. This 2014 design has been made in such a way that it has become more attractive and lively. The lively and attractive color combinations command the attention of all and sundry at parties and functions and will definitely steal the show during the date.

Patiala salwar dresses for women are made from high quality and durable fabrics that is not prone to fading or shrinking. These modern designs are very fashionable are compatible with numerous other fashion trends. The modern Patiala salwar are short dresses that run down to your knees and come along with a matching salwar that is Punjabi style. These Patiala dresses are an Indian traditional dress thus will go down well with most Indian guys.

India is known for its vibrant textile industry that boosts high innovation. There are numerous designers in India that have specialized in Patiala dresses. These designers have of late launched new Patiala dresses for women that have a traditional blend well incorporated into the new modern designs.

Why Choose Patiala Salwar for Your Date


Beauty is what every woman is looking for. Moreover, during your date, you want all your beauty to show and be visible. Which is the best way to bring out your beauty if not through a dress that will add more beauty to you?

Patiala salwar is the single Indian dress that will bring out the real beauty in you. It is designed to let your long hair fall freely behind your back. This design is made to fit well on your body, thus not too loose and not too tight.


The amazing and stylish nature of this dress is what keeps it going. It is knee long, just the appropriate length for a date. The fabric also makes the dress appear cool and smooth, just like your skin.

Casual or Party Design?

Which is the best women dress for a date? There are different designs to choose from. You can opt for a casual design, a party design or a formal design. A date should be a fun-day out, therefore a party design should be an ideal option.

Patiala salwar dresses are therefore an ideal option for a date. Despite being safe and secure, they are also beautiful. You can opt to pair these dresses with dupattas. You can use either matching or contrast dupattas and still have that magnetic look. Therefore if you are looking for a dresses for women for a date, this is the Indian dress to go for.