Why do women wear rings.

Oct 11


malleable jwellers

malleable jwellers

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Do you know the reason why women wear rings?


The right-hand ring in the 1920’s became the symbol for the working women’s earning power. Women started wearing rings beside the engagement or wedding ring. It was no longer about waiting for a man to put a ring round your finger. Women gifted rings to their daughters as they smashed their own milestones. The rings became a baton to pass on their female success. Rings as legacies have been known to be passed from generation to generation. Many wear their mother’s,Why do women wear rings. Articles grandmother’s vintage bands given on special occasions as a rite to passage.

With women now purchasing their own rings, they represent individuality and single womanhood. Rings have taken on many dimensions and represent many things. Depending on who purchases the ring for whom. It may serve as a promise ring for dedicated partners in a monogamous relationship or those taking a vow of chastity. The simple band can be a renewal of vows or anniversaries. Right-hand rings can also be given to a mother on the birth of a child. A ring with all their children’ names is a treasure for older moms.

At the essence of it, the rings now serve as a reminder of your feminity and who you are. A single, strong, independent woman, who buys your jewels to someone who is loved and cherished. A simple ring takes on so many dimensions. Every woman owns a ring or wishes to own one. Most modern, educated young women own multiple rings. Sometimes one for every occasion.

So finding the right ring is of utmost importance. As it is no longer just a ring, but it has many facets. It is a symbol of empowerment or love. And the right ring needs to signify that.

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