4 Secrets To Make Your Voice Sound Better

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There are a lot of things that contribute to develop a quality voice tone. Here are the top 4 secrets that will certainly make your voice sound better.

The professionals delivering voice lessons San Jose are often questioned about some vocal tips and secrets for singers to make the voice sound better. Here are the top 4 secrets revealed by the experts.

Think Down for High Notes

The next time you sing an ascending vocal scale or a high note,Guest Posting try thinking of the way an elevator works. A heavy weight is attached to a pulley and as the weight pulls down, the elevator actually goes up to the higher floors. So, the highest floor is reached when the weight is the heaviest. The same way, you should think down for the high notes or simply think of adding weight to the highest notes.

Balance Perfectly

By singing loudly, a good vocal tone is not established, instead, it is established at medium volume. When the vocal folds are strong enough to have a good closure, but not touch, good tone happens. Releasing too much air can create a “breathy” tone and releasing too little air can result in “nasal” tone. Unless you are going for nasal or breathy as a stylistic choice, somewhere right in between the two is a perfect balance.

More Power Without Strain

Every singer wants more power without strain and for this, there is a simple technique to apply. All you need to do is to keep the chin pointed slightly down and the pectorals slightly flexed while going for more power. To sing with more power, most singers lift their chin up or reach forward that generally works temporarily, however, results in several vocal issues. Instead of this, the singer should tip the chin down that simply works wonderfully and even saves the voice, resulting in better sound.

The Instant Vocal Fix

This is one of the quickest tricks that will certainly make the sound better. The professionals offering voice lessons in San Jose always recommend watching the movement of your jaw in the mirror saying the vowels. The goal should be to keep the jaw open as much as possible without closing for any of the vowels. Now, try singing a phrase of a song and ensure the jaw opens to the same position on every vowel.

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