Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet

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Internet ban or boon?Have a look.

Internet is not a new word. In fact,Guest Posting it has been the most used term and we all are familiar with it. Even a 3 year old kid knows about its existence. It has made life much easier. The solution to almost all our problems remains just a click away as it usually contains solution to all existing problems. All the things existing in the world are under the coverage of internet. It has proved to be a boon for the existing generation. What we are trying to say is that everything in the world has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Under this article, we are going to discuss various advantages and disadvantages of internet.


  • It contains information on almost all subjects- Internet contains information based on almost all the subjects. In general, there is no such topic that the internet is lacking. It has a wide coverage of all the topics. Thus, whenever you are lacking information or knowledge on any subject or topic, internet is always there to help you.


  • It is equipped with powerful search engines- Internet is equipped with all the way powerful search engines. These powerful search engines help you to surf much faster. You can search anything on internet within a couple of seconds by the help of these search engines. Unlike any other information providing source like books, newspaper etc you are able to get the information more quickly on internet because of its powerful search engine.


  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility- Internet provides you with the power to search any information at any time and any place. You can get the required information regarding any thing by just being at any corner of the world and at any hour of the day. Thus, it prevents you from looking for a library and helps you in gathering information whenever required by being at much ease.


  • Wide range of opinions is accessible- Internet provide us with the option of message boards with the help of which people from all over the world can discuss ideas and opinions. These ideas and opinions prove to be helpful in finding people with same interests and they can further have a meaningful conversation.


  • Free e-mails- Internet provides us with the facility of free e-mails. People can freely send e-mail to any person in the country. In this way, it has made information sharing much easier. People can now connect with each other by being away in just few seconds through the service of e-mail.


  • Video calls- Internet has also provided the facility of video calls. This feature does not make feel the absence of their loved ones if they do not stay at same place. Through this feature, people can actually see and talk to each other on laptops and mobile phones.


  • Educational assistance- Students from all over the world can find answers to their academic problems in just a click of the button on mouse. Be it any subject, any topic students can get the information easily on the internet. Thus, internet has proved to be very helpful for the students. They can get answers to all their problems on internet.


  • Academic writing tasks- When students are assigned the task of writing assignments or any other academic writing task, Internet helps them a lot. It helps the students in finding information and gathering data with regard to the topic assigned to them. Online assistance is available to the students in the form of academic writers also.



With a lot of advantages that the internet carries, it also has various disadvantages.

  • A lot of wrong information- Many a times it has been found that internet contains wrong information too. Anyone can post anything on the internet and a lot of which is usually garbage.


  • Lost connection between people in real- It has been noticed that almost all the people are becoming addicted to the internet that they generally are not able to make time for their loved ones. The only connection that happens between people is through internet. The bond between the loved ones is fading because of the existence of internet.


  • Hacking of personal data- Through the emergence of internet, many people are able to get the personal data and information of others. They are called hackers. The hackers even hack the bank accounts of people and withdraw the money. Many frauds and inappropriate actions are happening because of the existence of internet.


  • Wastage of time- Once you start surfing the internet, you do not even realize that how much of the time you have already wasted. It serves as an addiction to people. Once they start using it, they do not feel like putting an end. Due to this, they are not able to complete their other remaining tasks on time.


  • Causes distractions- The existence and easy access to internet leads to easy distraction. People, usually students get easily distracted from what they are meant to do on the first place. This results in a loss of their productivity.


Though internet has many advantages but is also comes along with a lot of disadvantages which proves to be very harmful for the students. Thus, one should consider everything that the internet is offering and wisely use it.

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