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When ozone layer depletes by 10% then 25% increase in skin cancer cases are reported. The piercing capacity of these UV rays is so intense that it does not allow life existing in the ocean bed to remain untouched by its malefic effect and thus they endure a lot of harm.

Due to increasing levels of UV light coming via sunlight earth can be rendered barren and arid. Temperature can increase in a very abnormal manner as a result of which if ice melts a situation of Jal Pralaya or world annihilation due to excess flooding can occur. There is a possibility that the future generation may have to face genetic diseases and disorders. Rare genetic episodes like mutations in genes and chromosomes can become very commonplace as a result of which in the entire human race extraordinary strange but ghastly changes could occur. Thus trees and plants cannot remain totally uninfluenced. Since the immune system that combats disease attacks weakens 80% trees and plants could get destroyed. In crop production too its deadly shall definitely get noticed.

The above possibilities have been put forth by California University’s (Irvine) expert chemist Sherbrood Rowland. What is noteworthy is that he had first unveiled the chemical chloro fluoro carbon and had found that it is this chemical that inflicts major harm on the ozone protective layer found in earth’s atmosphere. Despite knowing and realizing all this it was America who first commenced using this chemical as applications in air conditioners,Guest Posting refrigerators etc. Slowly other western countries also aped America and at the industrial level England, France, Germany and other developed countries this sort of production commenced. When competition increased a type of sequential reaction set in this realm and these days almost in the entire world this material means akin to a sheet of soft cotton is looming everywhere.

The bell of danger was sounded only when 44 years after discovering this chemical warning given regarding it got upheld more in 1945 and for the first time it was proved that a big crack has occurred in the ozone layer. Thus in countries producing this chemical untold agitation and unrest were witnessed. It was America who was worried the most hence after 2 years in order to attain detailed information via proper studies it sent a special type of space craft U-2 in the said region of outer space. Statistics got from this studies were quite hair rising. Not only was it proved that a crack had set in the ozone layer but that further one more fact emerged wherein the USA govt. and its scientists almost swooned into unconsciousness. It was found that due to the above mentioned chemical the hole created in the ozone layer region of the North Pole its area is about 3 times more than the land area of USA. Its shape and form is continuously spreading out farther and farther. Thus in the next few years itself this area may double up while spreading out.

These statistics created waves of alarm the world over yet the most worried were stinking rich countries like America, Britain and Europe since there highest production and usage of chloro fluro carbons took place. Till recent times in Europe Britain was the highest exporter of CFS. In the decade around the year 1980 AD it alone in 1 year exported about 50,000 tons of CFS to 125 countries. Studies related to production and sales of CFS gas the world over tell us that each year the world over about 800,000 metric ton is produced. Within this America alone produces 14% of it. The remaining 86% is produced by all rich-poor countries of the world yet the average sales of all of them are much less than that of USA. From the world population standpoint lest its production is deeply cogitated over then only India and China amongst all countries of the world considered to be over populated (1/3rd of the total world population resides here) use only 5% of world production of CFS gas. In comparison the population of Britain is very tiny compared to that of these 2 nations. From this we can infer in developed countries from the industrial standpoint the usage and production of this chemical is executed at such dangerous levels whereas in many poor countries of the 3rd world this technique has come into vogue only very recently. Hence we can gauge as to in these poor countries the production of this chemical amongst goods of sense merriment living is done at such a minimal level.

Preliminarily America’s space craft after studying the Arctic Pole said only this much that the harm noted in the ozone layer is limited to this region only. Yet very soon afterwards it was unfolded that holes in this ozone layer have come into being in the South Pole atmosphere too and in the coming few years a much bigger fissure shall occur in the Antarctic sky in the Indian Ocean. According to experts of this realm this fissure or hole shall come fully into existence by the end of the 20th century. Researchers say that in the southern hemisphere that the harm posed on the ozone layer has reached round about 52% whereas till the end of the last year this harm noted in the northern hemisphere was about 55%.

On noting these hazards regarding this time and again International Conferences are being organized wherein greatest stress is laid on the world over total ban must be placed in the production of this gas harming the protective ozone layer in a very malefic manner. Yet till date not very hope bestowing satisfactory efforts have been made in this direction. Yes! In comparison to previous times production of this chemical today has lessened a bit in measure yet the hope of banning it totally has remained a mere dream. The UN has demarcated its deadline year as 1997 AD. What needs to be seen is that in this deadline period can we stop our feet that are at present heading towards total destruction? Can we attain this highly desired goal? Its proclamation was made in 1987’s first Montreal Conference, in Helsinki’s 2nd Conference in 1989 and in London’s 3rd Conference in 1990 AD. Very recently after these conferences in a Conference of World Radio Engineers too this proclamation was announced.

 Over here it shall certainly not be out of place to discuss the chemical reaction resulting due to combining of the poisonous destructive chemical and ozone gas. What is worth delving upon is that ozone gas has 3 oxygen atoms. When it unites with the carbon based CFC gas a new chlorine monoxide emerges. When this reaction goes on ceaselessly for a long time span, then in the said area since the ozone levels deplete its protective layer manifests cracks and holes. Thus UV light rays present in sunshine unobstructed enter earth through these holes and inflict untold harm on earth creature’s health. Chemists Sherbrood Roland and his aide Mariomarlis of California University opine that one atom of chlorine can simultaneously destroy more than 100,000 ozone atoms. This source of chlorine gas can sustain for about 100 years and the above mentioned process of ozone gas destruction can thus continue for a long time span.

But the question is what special aspect is present in UV rays that akin to a fear invoking ghost are rendering the world terrorized? Regarding this experts opine that these radiations coming from the sun can equally harm both plant life and other higher forms of life on planet earth. According to them, man faces health hazards like eye ailments, deadly cancer and maybe, blindness too. In crop growth a very bad influence can be witnessed. From studies conducted on animals etc this cancer can prove to be very abominable. On this basis biologists infer that by coming in contact with UV rays directly skin cancer cases in humans can rise worrisomely. According to them when ozone depletes by 1-1.5% amount of UV rays entering earth increases a lot. Thus per year human cancer cases can total up to 65,000.

When ozone layer depletes by 10% then 25% increase in skin cancer cases can be reported. The piercing capacity of these UV rays is so intense that it can be gauged by the fact that it does not allow life existing in the ocean bed to remain untouched by its malefic effect and thus they too have to endure a lot of harm.

Weather scientists say that due to this since atmospheric temperatures increase ice melts as a result of which the water levels of the ocean can rise higher up in an alarming manner. UNEP which is an institute that protects the environment opines that the biggest harm due to increasing temperatures are witnessed on crop growth and thus the whole world can get affected very badly.

The worst effect of this kind has been reported in South East USA. As per this institute’s findings as a result of this France, Canada and USA that exports 3/4th of food products to other countries shall get badly affected. Another international research group opines that since the past decade in the entire world a very major decrease has been witnessed in snowfall. As per this research group in the past 2 decades India’s Gangotri glacier by contracting a lot has become very thin. This contraction is of the measure of more than 250 meters. The reason for this thinning is increase in levels of UV rays entering earth.

On noting its fearful reactions all over the world people are trying to unearth and put into application solutions to get protected from this dire hazard. The Health Dept of New Zealand has advised its school going children to save themselves from contacting sun rays directly and thus they must very caps. In Chile children are advised not to play in sunshine from 10 am to 3 pm. Over there all sports are disallowed between these hours. Australian govt. via various media sources are warning its citizens not to sunbathe. In Denmark people have been advised to don dark sunglasses on their eyes and wear caps too.

In this manner so many countries are employing so many techniques yet the brain asks this one question again and again: Can planet earth get protection merely by such solutions? To an extent humans may protect their existence yet what shall happen to our environment based on ‘interdependence’? How shall other creatures get protection from increasing temperatures and high rising ocean water levels? This question yet remains unanswered. By harming nature we creatures can never remain safe. This fact must be cogitated and thought about at least a thousand times and such a world psyche must be created that can understand the importance of nature’s whole complete form and thus see to it that we think and act in such a way that this form of nature does not turn haywire. Thus entire world’s welfare lies in it. This then is today’s supreme requirement.

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