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we provide Fee Structure and Top Universities availability make it an obvious choice for Indian students to pursue MBBS in Russia.

Best Medical Educational Consultants in Jaipur

Generally,Guest Posting an Indian student who is willing to become a doctor or medical practitioner must know the three options lying in front of them and understand them right from the start of your education.

They are,

  1. Government Medical Colleges in India
  2. Private Medical Colleges in India
  3. Overseas MBBS Programs

While every option is as important to understand and know the different opportunities and difficulties present in these options. We can go through each of the options and all the details regarding them.


  1. Government Medical Colleges in India

While this option to study MBBS in Government Medical College in India is the best option among all but getting into Government Medical Colleges is very difficult and very competitive. As the government colleges are less in number and seat availability compared to the number of aspirants, it is an impossible task for most of the MBBS aspirants to get into government medical colleges.


  1. Private Medical Colleges in India

This is the second option after losing hopes on government medical colleges for MBBS aspirants. But, there is a thing to consider before choosing this option, although it is not as competitive as government medical colleges, it is the costliest option. For most of the Indian medical aspirants, spending around 75 lacs upward is not possible.


  1. Overseas MBBS Programs

After understanding the difficulties in each of the above-mentioned options, this option is the best fit for an Indian medical aspirant to study MBBS in overseas MCI approved medical colleges and universities. But, to ensure a smooth and genuine process for MBBS in abroad is to find out and reach to the best educational medical consultants/ MBBS in Russia and not get cheated by some agents.

Getting the correct information about abroad MBBS is getting difficult these days due to lots of gents spreading false information to the Indian students looking for MBBS in abroad. They just try to make money. The students need to be clear about the pros and cons of abroad MBBS programs before getting through admission.


Best Educational Medical Consultants in Jaipur

Now we know what option to choose and why to choose that option. Now it's time to decide whether to study MBBS in India or abroad, and finding the best consultant to guide you in this process.

When you want to study MBBS in abroad, you have two types of programs available in terms of course duration.

  • 5 years abroad course and Internship in India.
  • 6 years abroad course with an Internship included.

There is a lot more to look into once you complete your MBBS by selecting any one of the above-mentioned course categories.

All you need is the best consultant to guide you and help you with this process. We are the best educational medical MBBS Consultants in Jaipur who can help you with this process and ensure you get admission from the best MCI approved abroad university.

Our experts have already helped many Indian medical aspirants to get admission into reputed MBBS universities. Be one among them by reaching us and fulfill your dream of studying MBBS and you become a Doctor.


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