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The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) was an ambitious multi- jurisdictional program started

in 1995 to minimize the various acts of violence using firearms in Canada resulting in loss of life and property. The aim of the program was to mandatorily issue licenses and register all the

firearms and related accessories before a prescribed date to minimize firearms related crime and

suicides and assignment help. A national database was to be built based on the collected data which could trace the whereabouts about the firearm and their possessor for essay help and custom essays. The program was to be implemented in the

following three stages:

• Licensing phase: Focus on licensing of all firearms owners as of January 1, 2001.

• Registration phase: Focus on registration of all firearms as of January 1, 2003.

• Ongoing operations phase: focus shifted from licensing and registration to solidifying

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When the concerned bill received Senate’s consent in 1995, the estimated cost of the program

was pegged at $ 119 million to be offset to the tune of $ 117 million by the registration fees

resulting in a cost of $ 2 million for the taxpayers. However till 2005, the program had cost

nearly $ 1 billion with only S140 million as the registration fee. Such a immense cost overrun

placed the whole program  assignment help under the scanner and a thorough review of the program was the result (Department of Justice Canada, 2003).

Issues with CFP

Is the CFP actually required? Does it actually help in bringing the crime rate down? As per

criminologist Neil Boyd, researchers have used various types of statistical analysis to reach the

conclusion that gun control helps in reducing gun related homicides and suicides. According

to the Government of Canada’s Firearms Centre website, as on September 30, 2005, around

90 % of the firearms had been registered in the Canadian Firearms Information System (CFIS).

However, there is a section of people who believe that those who actually conduct crimes on

regular basis would not get their firearm registered on a voluntary basis. They also believe that

CFP has not done anything significant to control the crime but has given way to a thriving black

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Besides that there were a lot of significant implementation issues which can be summarized as

shown below:

Ø Poor program delivery structure : One of the biggest flaws was the absence of a full time

CEO which was an absolute must keeping in mind the complex nature of the task. Since

there were multiple parties involved, hence vested interests of various stakeholders led to

unnecessary delays and cost overruns. A ‘split path’ management structure was adopted

with a ‘consensus approach’ to project management. Under such circumstances, the decision

making process became complex and time consuming with the need to accommodate various

diverging views and opinions of the various decision making bodies involved. Due to high

amount of time consumed in framing rules and regulations, less amount of time was made

available for putting the framework into operation. Ultimately a full time CEO was put in

place and operations  assignment help, were also simplified (Department of Justice Canada, 2003).

Ø Opposition to the CFP: A majority of the firearms owners initially were apprehensive of

the very concept of CFP since it involved fee payment for registration along with other

operational issues like form filling and sharing personal information. Hence a lot of time,

manpower and advertisement assignment help had to be devoted to address the people and explain them the

need of CFP (Department of Justice Canada, 2003).

Ø Non participation of several jurisdictions: There were several jurisdictions which decided

not to implement the CFP or to implement it in limited ways. This resulted in deployment

of manpower and financial essay help and dissertations resources to make the necessary infrastructure available in such jurisdictions which resulted in cost overruns. Perhaps it could have been better to take inputs

from various jurisdictions and may be address their respective concerns before getting the

bill passed and getting the required funds sanctioned (Department of Justice Canada, 2003).

Ø Complex IT system: Since the old database was integrated into the new system, it gave

rise to a lot of operational assignment help hassles since different databases used different systems of

recording data. Hence the result was a complex IT system which required lot of training to

manpower and time and cost overruns. An operational problem encountered was relating

to the differences in name storage which increased the number of sensitive cases leading to

unnecessary time delays (Department of Justice Canada, 2003).

Ø Lack of communication: There were multiple communication gaps during the

implementation of the CFP program. There was clear communication gap between the

various internal groups/departments of the CFC resulting in poor coordination. Initially

keeping in mind the complexity of the task at hand, a lot of departments were created which

normally worked in isolation and the CFC started working as a coherent unit only after a full

time CEO was appointed. There was lack of smooth coordination between the federal and the

provisional governments due to differences in opinion regarding the utility of the CFP. This

resulted in time delays and cost overruns (Department of Justice Canada, 2003).

Ø Confusion amongst users resulting in high rates of user errors: The complex nature of the

program along with frequent changes at the initial stages created confusion regarding fees,

registration process including form filling. The initial license application forms were too long

and confusing which resulted in high error rates and hence increased the processing time.

Sometimes there was lack of standardization of the processes followed at various processing

sites across the country which also contributed to the confusion (Department of Justice

Canada, 2003).

Ø Licensing and registration fees: There is a general observation that levying of the licensing

and registration fees was an impediment in achieving higher compliance rate. The waiver

or reduction of fees would result in higher compliance rates being observed. The firearm

possessors also feared the future costs associated in renewing their licenses might escalate

which acted as a deterrent for registration (Department of Justice Canada, 2003).

The various steps that could have been taken for making CFP more successful are as follows:

1. A full time CEO should have present from the very beginning assignment help and university online assignment help

2. The budget of the program should have been finalized taking the opinion and

participation of the jurisdictions in mind.

3. Significant public assignment help and custom essay help opinion should have been gathered and concerns addressed.

4. The IT system should have been handled better with better training and allocation of


5. A pilot should have been run to identify the possible glitches.

6. Implementation given to a single body with greater emphasis on internal and external

Communication assignments

7. Better budget allocation and planning assignment help

Since money to the extent of $ 2 billion has already been spent on the program, scrapping the

program is not a good idea. Hence immediate steps should be taken to make the CFP more

effective and achieve higher compliance rates.

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