Career Opportunities After Correspondence MBA in India

Apr 7




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SimpliDistance gives an insight into employment opportunities after the correspondence MBA course in India. Let's explore.

What is Correspondence MBA?

The correspondence MBA is a flexible and affordable Government approved MBA programme,Career Opportunities After Correspondence MBA in India Articles which does not require you to attend regular classes. So, if you are unable to pursue a full-time MBA for lack of time or due to high costs, correspondence MBA Education is a good option.

Correspondence MBA Format:

In correspondence MBA students get to study at their own pace. They are provided with learning material and assignments which students have to submit at a specified period. It’s the best way of learning for working experts to upgrade their professional skills.

Career Opportunities:

Correspondence MBA has enormous job opportunities in the industry. The quality of education and skillsets acquired are most asked by the hirers however, the field of work varies with regard to the specialization. There are plenty of jobs after the Correspondence MBA available in both the private and public sectors. After completing a distance MBA program, a candidate can find several opportunities in sectors like; Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Human Resources, Accounting, Risk Management, etc.

Let’s explore the specialization specific career opportunities available in the country.

  1. MBA in Marketing
    Marketing is considered to be evergreen in any industry. Be it an IT company or FMCG. The marketing department is a prime part of the organization. After completing a correspondence MBA in marketing, students have numerous career options available to them according to their field of interest and those providing them with a good salary.

    Many career prospects are available after correspondence MBA for marketing is:

    1. Marketing Executive
    2. Marketing Manager
    3. Business Development Manager
    4. Digital Marketing Manager
    5. Relationship Manager
    6. Brand Manager
    7. Asset Manager
    8. Corporate Communications Head
    9. Advertising Management
    10. TV producer
  2. MBA in Finance
    Money management is always required in the course of managing both working resources and fixed assets of a company to maintain and ensure the collection and distribution of resources. It is a necessity in the age of industries that are in development all around the world. A correspondence MBA in finance has loads of opportunities it’s just that all you need to do is grab them. So it is not only limited to banking; thus, a variety of job opportunities after an MBA in Finance.

    Career opportunities after correspondence MBA in finance are:

    1. Financial Advisor
    2. Financial Manager
    3. Financial Analyst
    4. Budget Analyst
    5. Financial Services Sales Agent
    6. Investment Bankers
    7. Cash Managers
    8. Manager Consultants
    9. Chief Finance Officers
    10. Corporate Controllers
    11. Accounting Manager
  3. Human resource management MBA
    Correspondence MBA in Human Resource is one of the courses of the most opting specialization. It is a challenging and stimulating programme of management. HR managers are heavily involved in organizational culture and structure. Works closely with employees to help them navigate workplace conflict, improve communication skills, build their careers, and feel satisfied in their work environments.

    Various job profiles available after correspondence MBA in HRM are:

    1. Human Resource Manager
    2. Human Resource Generalist
    3. Staffing Director
    4. Technical Recruiter
    5. Compensation Manager
    6. Employee Relations Manager
    7. Employment Manager
    8. Director of HR Training and Development
    9. Human Resource Consultant
    10. International HR Professionals
    11. Human Resource Specialist IT
    12. Employee Education Consultant
    13. Human Resource Executive
    14. Human Resource Entrepreneur
  4. Business Management MBA
    There is a huge requirement in the job market for business managers. The everlasting need for marketing specialization can be filled only by the candidates who have completed MBA in Business management. The skills you achieve after a correspondence MBA in business management degree allow you to contribute to your employer’s organisation quickly and effectively.

    Excellent career opportunities after correspondence MBA in Business management are:

    1. Business Development Manager
    2. Senior Business Analyst
    3. Business Consultant
    4. Entrepreneur Management
    5. Consultant Business Adviser
  5. Supply Chain Management MBA
    The future of Logistics and Supply Chain looks promising as many opportunities coming in the way. Advancements in digital technologies, developing consumer preferences due to eCommerce, government reformations, and shift in service sourcing strategies lead the transformation of the Indian logistics ecosystem.

    Career opportunities after correspondence MBA in supply chain management as follows:

    1. Supply Chain Manager
    2. Logistics Manager
    3. Operations Manager
    4. Management Consultant
    5. Procurement Manager
    6. Shipments Manager
    7. Material Manager
    8. Sales officer
    9. Business Development Manager

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