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During the period of heart surgery, the cardiac per fusionists operate the patient’s lungs and hearts by setting up the operation of lung-heart machines. What does the word perfusion means?

What is the job of technicians of clinical laboratories? Basically they have to conduct some laboratory tests,Guest Posting which is an aid used in diagnosis, treatment of a disease and in detection. The technicians of clinical laboratories are named as technicians of medical laboratory or medical technicians. Usually, the physicians known as pathologists supervise the technicians of clinical laboratory. The specialization done by these pathologists is to diagnose the disease. WorkMost of the clinical technicians of laboratory work in the hospitals. Some of them work in clinics or research institutes. The left out technicians are employed in medical laboratories, which are commercialized and run various diagnosis tests on the fees charged by hospitals or doctors. The technicians of clinical laboratory have to perform work or tasks on daily or routine basis. The work of them is to take samples of patients, diagnose by taking certain tests of urine or blood. The next step is to label them and possess some simple tests on the samples taken. For this they prepare, label slides, sterilize, stain certain instruments and keep a record of the various tests being taken. Even the tests which are involved in blood banks are done by clinical technicians. They can easily determine the blood of the donor with the help of blood samples and sterilize instruments, prepare the stain, and label slides; and keep records of tests. Clinical laboratory technicians also perform tests involved in blood banking. For example, they may help to determine a donor's blood type. They may work in several areas of the clinical laboratory or specialize in just one.Training and Education RequirementsA clinical technician must possess a diploma of high school or a degree equivalent to it. The degree should be of a technician of clinical laboratories. Basically the high schools provide courses in science and maths for a good preparation. A specialized training is required after completing high school either of a degree of an associate or certificate of technical or vocational institute or from a hospital or from a junior college or from U.S.Benefits and EarningsA clinical laboratory technician earns a salary of $30,840. But the experienced workers earn more than the common medical technicians. They get benefits such as paid vacations and holidays. Even some of the workers get good pension plans. Getting Job to the medical techniciansFor a medical technician, the office of school provides placements, for getting jobs. Even you can apply directly in clinics, research institutes, hospitals and laboratories. You should always check the newspaper ads which have vacancies; even you can search on Internet in the job banks column as well as professional journal.

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