WHO’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP)

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The International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) is a global initiative by WHO, responsible for linking clinical trial registers worldwide for ensuring a single point of access and the apparent identification of clinical trials.

Ï People from more than one country and one clinical or appraisal foundation can participate in a clinical key. Various nations have accumulated clinical assessment necessities,Guest Posting so one clinical explanation might be singled out more than one vault. That clinical huge will show up on the instructive report of more than one library. Notwithstanding, information on different clinical key vaults influences. Take Clinical Research Courses .

The International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) is a general development by WHO, in hazard for decoration clinical enormous registers worldwide for guaranteeing a particular nature of access and the prominent recognizable confirmation of clinical starters. This was finished with the view that people, patients, families, and patient get-togethers have clear consent to data.

The ICTRP was set up with the hankering to bode well all clinical fundamentals that set people straightforwardly open. It in like way needs to accomplish the going with:

Ï Improving the carefulness, most basic point, and precision of picked clinical starters information;

Ï Communicating and uncovering issues of the crucial for picking clinical establishments;

Ï Ensuring the responsiveness of picked information;

Ï Building limit concerning clinical starter verification;

Ï Encouraging the use of picked information; and

Guaranteeing the reasonableness of the ICTRP. Take Clinical Research Training.


The Secretariat of the ICTRP is housed by the World Health Organization in its central command in Geneva and is submitted for the going with:

Ï Publishes the ICTRP search section: An illuminating record and site that makes it useful for each individual on the planet to look with the suspicion with the idea with the supposition with the expectation of complimentary information given by clinical key libraries all through the planet. The information is restored each little advance in turn and fulfills WHO's rules for substance and quality.

Ï Supports the WHO library affiliation: A discussion made to set up and help out a total target of clinical premise vaults. It intends to set up proposed structures for clinical crucial certification and the course of action of directing assessment, positive information.

Ï Supports various nations and region: It desires to set up clinical urgent libraries or approaches being neediness blasted down demand.

Clinical research training

Clinical research training programs are designed for clinicians and scientists around the world. These research training programs provide advanced training in healthcare methods and research. The training often incorporates in-person seminars and dynamic workshops. It focuses on enhancing clinicians’ and staff skills, knowledge, and ability at every phase of the research, particularly for pre-clinical research phases. The training includes writing grant proposals and launching new projects for analyzing data and presenting their clinical results. Take Clinical Research Training.


Principles regulating clinical trials worldwide


  • Obtaining clear, transparent, and informed consent from participants.
  • Allowing participants to withdraw at any point of time from a clinical trial.
  • The outcome of the clinical research should provide benefits to society without doing any harm to the participants who volunteered to participate in the clinical trial.

Any unintended response to a drug or medical product should be considered an adverse reaction. Clinical trials are required to follow the following guidelines and more to ensure the safety of patients and efficacy of tests and treatments. However, stringent requirements may force clinical trials to shift to low-income and middle-income countries depriving the local population of the opportunity to benefit from international clinical research.

  • A declaration of confirmation by the auditor that an audit has been conducted.
  • The auditor should provide a written evaluation of the results of the audit.
  • A written description of a clinical trial or study.
  • Report of placebo or any investigational product if used in the clinical trial.
  • The ethical and moral obligation to protect patients and reap clinical research benefits. Take Clinical Research Courses .

The conclusions derived from the results of a clinical trial conducted worldwide generally apply to all study centers and countries. It increases the pace of drug development and facilitates the approval process of the tests and treatments in foreign markets. However, clinical trials face several challenges that they should overcome to ensure optimal conduct and coordinate clinical trial sites that operate under different regulations, technical, cultural, and political conditions. Clinical trial sponsors are responsible for obtaining consensus among clinical experts and regulatory agencies regarding fundamental questions that include a consistent diagnosis.

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