College Experience Uncensored. Best Times of Your Life!?

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Some people say being in College is best times of your life. Is it really true?

Some people say being in College  is best times of your life. Is it really true? I mean who really knows what is best and what isn’t? It is how you put your mind to it right? I am sure good and bad things come with almost everything and same thing about being in College!

                This is my lucky twelve’s year in College,Guest Posting 27th place I lived in while in school and the 5th College I have attended and I am schedule to graduate next year so I will be in school total of 13 years! A new record for undergrad? Last time I goggled what’s the longest somebody was in college for and I found twelve years but I am sure some people been in school for way longer than that. Many painful years trying to transfer my credits around, starting over, and many, many failures did not and will not stop me from having a great experience and still finishing! But hey with the pain comes the amazing times and and let me tell you I had it all! Here I will be giving tips to those who don’t just want to get through school but is looking forward to have a blast during their College years!

                Dorms! Hey I think it’s a must experience in someone’s College days, as that’s, if you are lucky, where u meet and bond with a group of friends that you will be friends with for the rest of your College career. Choosing the right dorm for you is important as some dorms are for Engineering or Arts majors and some are for freshman experience, some food courts are better and some quads and locations of the dorms are just way better, I have tried out living in different dorm’s through-out the campuses and believe me it matters of what kind of people you want to meet and what kind of experience you are looking for. If you are a freshman I recommend asking people around and go visit the campus first to see what kind of dorm is right for you. Walk around may be even meet people, look at campus map, go eat at the dorm diners. See what kind of food plan do you want and are you really going to eat at the diners, are you going have a car, will you be able to drive to get some late night smack or is there a snack bar open till midnight downstairs at the lobby of your dorm. In fact if there is a snack bar open late I recommend moving closer to it as it does help studying for midterms late at night and not be hungry. Also having food downstairs as diners is a very good thing as it saves you time for studying and, of cause party as well. Unless you truly care how gourmet your food is and how many stars the restaurant is where you are eating at that point but believe me, you probably wouldn’t, especially the first couple years in school as you will be busy having that great experience and of cause the most important - studying! Hey but if there is a pita pit on campus, that’s a great experience on its own, drunk pita pit was some of the best time’s in my live not going to lie, but you will probably get sick of it after a little while.

When it comes to making friends at the dorm, it will probably not be a problem. I personally think that dorms with community bathrooms are the best way to meet friends as well. Bring a boom box to your showers, make a good CD or something, don’t bring a beer to your shower thou save that for the time you join a Frat or Sorority, or get your own pad, it’s a called a “Beer Shower” and it’s a lot of fun with a bunch of friends. Walk down the hole; say hi to neighbors, those are probably your best friends for the next 4 years to life! Go to floor meetings and talk to people, don’t be shy! But even if you are, you will still meet tons of friends, hey you are in College!

                Go to sporting events with your dorm buddies or ask your neighbors to join you. Go tailgating it’s always fun. College games are an unforgettable experience that must be done while in school as well. Make movie nights with your friends, go hangout on the grass outside to study or in the quad. Meet people of your own sex and then it will be easier to make friends with the opposite sex as well. And don’t forget to be nice, say hi and smile as a smile is a jump start of a friendship! Ask your neighbors or friends in class to study with you. It’s a good approach to meet people! Invite the people of the opposite sex sitting next to you in class or neighbors from the dorms to come study with you at the library later on that evening or on the weekend. And just pretend like only thing you are interested in is the homework, which will build trust that will eventually lead into a great relationship if that’s what you want. Don’t be pushy or desperate. That scares the opposite sex the most. And remember, nobody likes an asshole! Be polite, open the doors for girl’s if you are a dude and most important just be yourself, being real is what it’s all about especially if you are trying to score real friends or a quality date!

                The Parties! Well this is a very exciting part of experience while in school, in fact I heard people say that the whole time there were dazed while in College and can barely even remember most of it. But hey don’t have to abuse the substances thou, experience is good but a lot of people end up alcoholics after drinking in College and they can never stop after it’s over when everyone else already moved on with their lives. Don’t give in the pressure to be cool in front of your friends. The real friends will not judge you for drinking responsibly and not hitting that joint. Well besides that don’t forget to have fun it’s not illegal last time I checked!

I remember when you first move to a new campus either to the dorms, which is easier to meet friends and get rushed for a frat or a sorority, or your own place - it’s hard to find a party but they are out there. Going to a frat row and trying to get in always works, plus if people like u at any of the Greek houses they will rush you, that’s how I got rushed by knowing some friends that were in the Frat already. Meet one person that knows people and you will eventually meet everyone! Get a house on campus right by the dorms if you want to throw parties because those party hungry freshmen will come over and trash your place no doubt! Set up some music videos, good stereo, red and black lights for ambiance, fog machines are always fun and of cause the keg. Of cause, beer pong table is the highlight of the party get one or may be even couple of those so people don’t have to wait to play and you are in for a great night! Getting a close circle of friends that you will stay in touch for the rest of your life is amazing. I still keep in touch with all my friends from different colleges that I went to. And I had a close circle of friends as well as I basically knew everyone on campus or everyone knew me.

                I could write for many hours about partying in college, I mean it’s one of the main reasons I am still in school. And the stories are of cause priceless, no money will buy you the memories that you will end up having it’s truly a life lived with no hint of understatement.

                Joining sport clubs such as soccer clubs or other is great.  Looking for activities to get involved in on campus also is a great way to get College experience and meet good friends. Go to the Gym, you can meet a lot of cool people there. And they have pools and hot tubs in a lot of schools where you can go hangout and meet people easily it’s actually always been a great spot for me especially after a great workout when you look and feel your best. Running, Rock climbing, bench press - whatever is your gig it’s always great as they say healthy body - healthy mind. So it will actually help your studying and you will be able to get better rest which is, as well really crucial to be successful in College. Get your homework done, workout really hard and hit up a college bar on a dollar beer night is always a great way to go! Look around campus bars there are always specials such as dollar tequila shot nights usually taco Tuesdays or  Thirsty Thursdays, they should have food specials as well, that’s a good way to hangout and meet new College friends as well as alcohol always helps to relax and give you the courage to talk to strangers! But don’t drink too much, as you will think you are funny and can dance but actually it’s more like the opposite. Always stay on point nobody likes an annoying drunk ass that spits on you and spills your drink, don’t be that guy. Remember there is always another great night! And don’t be hitting on people nobody likes that and you are only embarrassing yourself, people of opposite sex like the normality and incognito, the mysterious nice person that is interested in having fun instead of hooking up. Just be natural and it will come to you.   

                The Greek system is a fascinating social and hard to believe, but yes academic experience in College. I have joined the TKE back in the day and it was one of the best things I ever done, some of the best memories and friends that will last a lifetime that I still meet with and keep in touch! A lot of fun things go on at those establishments, but that’s a whole new story and may be you just have to find out for yourself. All thou there are many functions and plays, sporting events, themed parties and many other crazy and cool activities done they also teach you responsibility respect and academic success and help you academically while you are in gaged in a Greek system life. It is truly an unforgettable moments and helps you develop as a better person socially with an open mind, helps you build connections and character.

They say that College students are poor and live on top roman, but hey got to love America for its very so sweet financial aid system that makes it possible for almost anyone to attend College. If you get declined the financial aid don’t give up there are always way – you can appeal and even second appeal, trust me I have done it. Also there are maximum enrollment credits for the school, for instance 270 credits, and if you hit that you will have to appeal again. But hey don’t be afraid to appeal as you will most likely get approved, they want to help you they just need an excuse to do it legally. Don’t be afraid to get into those loans that’s what they are there for is to help you get throw school, but also don’t take out a student loan and buy a new car with it. If you planning to transfer to a different school don’t do it to run away from problems and bad grades in the school you are in now, that’s what I did and I am still in College, can’t run away from yourself have to grow. It will just distant your graduation as a lot of classes don’t transfer in the same program and you will have to start all over. Don’t switch your majors around just make up your mind and love what you do! You have to like it otherwise what’s the point, that sweet job after college that you will not make you happy for the rest of your life.

 If you can dream it you can do it! Don’t be afraid to set your goal high, if you want to be a doctor become one but remember nothing is easy and real work is hard but yet very satisfying in the end. I promise you, you will be happy if you will truly became what u always wanted to be and get a dream job, it’s all very possible don’t let anyone or anything stand on your way of success in and after College. And most of all never give up, things will always go up and down in life but in the end everything always works itself out.

I may be don’t need to lecture you on this stuff as you probably already know it. Create study groups, go to every class even if stuff isn’t do that day it will save you the stress before the exams. Find tutors, they are usually available free for a lot of subjects in tutoring centers across the campus. Stay in touch with teacher, get engaged, ask questions, get on the class mailing list, and don’t put off to the last minute. Don’t sleep in class what’s the point of going, I see people come sit in the front and fall asleep. I used to cheat but I didn’t get far now I am actually doing my own work and it’s very satisfying feeling. If you are depressed it could be because you just don’t feel like you are getting stuff dune, ones you are on top of things you will feel great, trust me it’s way better feeling then being wasted, remember drinking only gets rid of the problem for the night but then you will eventually still have to pay for it and it becomes worse, so deal with your problems and school work right then and then partying on the weekend with a free mind will be just so much better! Concentrate on school while you are in school don’t forget why you are there – to get an education! And I hope your experiences in College are as great or better as mine were… 

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