Delhi Ncr a New Hub for Media Studies

Jan 29


VIKU singh

VIKU singh

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the admission in Mass communication is rising every year exponentially and Delhi NCr is turning out to be a new hub for media studies  


Mass Communication and Media courses in India are at its peak,Delhi Ncr a New Hub for Media Studies Articles and every college and university are trying to get a Mass Comm degree in their university portfolio. In the recent past, Delhi-NCR has become a hub Centre for Mass Communication colleges in India. The reason being all the top news agencies, newspapers, news Channels have their headquarters in Delhi which attracts a lot of people to walk on the road to success in the capital city. But there is a big hiccup in having mass comm college in a cause these courses require certain standards of infrastructure for, e.g.,. A proper functional studio with all the latest equipment and software, well-trained staff to guide the students through the process. If we need to categorize or rank colleges, it will be a tricky task cause there are a lot of parameters to rate the college: campus, faculties, infrastructure & placement. With Professional courses the value of having a proper working studio and good industry connect is more important as these things will give the exposure to the students that they need to stand in the industry. We have listed down

Top Five Mass comm colleges in Delhi NCR are:-

1.) Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi

2.) Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi

3.) Amity School Of Communication (Amity University) Noida

4.) Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi

5.) Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Noida


To understand which is the best college according to you, you need to figure out which college gives you the best exposure during the course itself, because practical learning and industry exposure is crucial in a professional course like Mass Communication. Being a pass out from Amity University I would recommend you to take admission in a private institute rather than a government because of government institutes in Delhi lack in the basic infrastructure like studios (T.V & Radio). Which colleges provide the best placement or internships and focuses more on the practical learning than the bookish knowledge. Mass Communication is a very dynamic field you need to be on your toes to give your best and bookish knowledge can help you run through it until you have the on hand experience.

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