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Deprogramming. Causes  and consequences.

This publication I ve decided to make on such practice as Deprogramming. Needless to say it is not that widespread now,Guest Posting moreover it is illegitimate, but there are hundreds and hundreds of people who still suffer cause of this practice. This article will not be dealing with morale side, as it probably obvious, whether it is moral to make people abundon some lifestyle (does not matter what kind) forcefully or not.

There is been huge amount of expert- opinion materials, investigations, trials, conferences on the topic of deprogramming, besides it is an all known fact that it is completely illegitimate under International Human Rights Law, and under constitutions of countries. Neverthless, there are certain organizations, certain groups, certain individuals who think a bit differently for some reason. For some reason these people, put themselves higher then everyone else. How come does someone comes to a notion that he actually has a right to decide what kind of life style one has to adhere to. Maybe people of this kind ought to think what kind lingerie should be worn, excuse for such an anology, but that what exactlty makes a prototype of the way they think, i e forcefully making person to act, to speak , to live so called "normal" way of life.

So what could be said about supporters of deprogramming, they depict it as a practice which opposed to harsh, deviant religious conversion in their subjective opinion. Probably one of the most controversial issues, talks has been arising for last several decades is the notion of a sect and cult. It's been said so many times that there is nothing as sect or cult in jurisdictial system, moreover there is not one conventional definition of a sect, so anyone can attribute his own thoughts, connotation, meaning you name it. To state it briefly deprogramming is an activity of freeing an individual from so called and believed mind control from a certain deviant group, as one understands it  could be anything. Even though I try to avoid using word as a sect or cults, it does not seem possible as the topic on which being reflected is dirctly relatied to these ambigious notions. So a deviant group can be called anything, depending on who takes the role in determining it, religious minority , certain organization which has a different style then mainstream one, any association which adheres to non traditional thinking.

When we look at actually happened deprogramming cases, people describe  it as a desperate but necessary resort for families who feel that their loved ones have been taken away from them and may be in serious danger. The courts in democratic countries where deprogramming occurred have generally ruled that it constitutes a serious crime, involving both kidnapping and a violation of the victim's right to freedom of religion and association.
I would like to depict an example of a deprogrammed individual Neva Sly Hargrave , probably not so well know story, but it exactly shows what had she had to go through and her family. She was a member of Peoples Temple spiritual group.
She went through many cases as shooting, other dangerous life threating situations, numerous organizations she had been too. She was stuck between her family and the religious group she belonged to. Group members even threatened her that she and her whole family might be dead if she leaves the group.
Currently, she does some volunteering work and treats at “Hot Line”  people who very psychologically and psychologically abused adults as well as kids.

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