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This article is all about the challenges faced by the students while writing a dissertation. It also shows the thought process of the student and the reason they are unable to meet the submission deadline.


A dissertation writing can be very complex for many students as it is a lengthy academic document that is compulsory to submit for availing the final degree of college or university. 

It is understood that after having a hectic schedule,Guest Posting students often get worried to complete their dissertation at the same time. This is where the need for dissertation writing service arises. 

A dissertation takes approximately 4-8 weeks to turn into a perfect document. This is why students get more stressed as they do not find enough time and cannot make 100% effort to write their dissertation for scoring good grades on their scorecard.

Also, the bonus of the submission deadline that comes with the dissertation becomes an alarm on the head for the students. And waking up to the last alarm is the challenge faced by most of the students. 

Let us understand the reason for this delay and the thought process of the student: 

  1. Emotional stage: In this stage, the students go through the emotional stress of completing various tasks in order to meet the submission deadline. This results in developing anxiety and depression in the students. This also affects their multitasking skills. Hence, delays the writing part and will not be able to meet the deadline. 
  1. Psychological stage: In this stage, the reason behind delay can be due to psychological issues. Many students when under stress, are not able to plan their schedule and therefore procrastinate in doing their tasks leading to failure in meeting the submission deadline. 

The above shows the main stages of a student when he gets a dissertation with many of the other tasks. These not only are responsible for him unable to meet the submission deadline but also affects the mental stability of the student.

Inclusive of these stages, many students also find difficulty in the process of writing the dissertation, because of which they start delaying the work and cannot complete the document in time. The following are the areas in which most students struggle such as: 

  1. Topic selection: Topic selection is the most common challenge faced by many students. It can be due to the failure of understanding the question or confusion between choosing one out of various other interesting topics. 
  1. Research work: Students also struggle during the research process to distinguish between the relevant and irrelevancy of the information. 
  1. Content: Content plays a major role in a dissertation but student’s lack of writing skills can be a challenge for them. It will lead to a common content which the reader might not be interested in. 
  1. Citation: There are different styles of referencing or citation but many students are not able to follow the consistent style. It is also evidently seen that they do not know how to do referencing of their source. 

The above are the challenges faced by many students for which they think that it is not their cup of tea; therefore, they look for professionals providing dissertation writing service to submit the document in time.

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