Distance MBA vs Distance PGDM - Which is better?

Apr 7




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SimpliDistance is a Distance Learning Portal for MBA / PGDM / UG / Diploma / Certificate / Executive Programs in India. Approved By UGC — DEB /AICTE.


What is Distance MBA?


A Distance MBA course is a flexible and affordable recognized MBA program that does not require you to attend regular daily classes. So,Distance MBA vs Distance PGDM - Which is better? Articles if you are unable to pursue a full-time MBA for lack of time or due to high costs, Distance MBA Education is a good option.


What is Distance PGDM?


PGDM stands for Post Graduate Degree in Management. PGDM is a diploma course and not a degree course and the reason is that PGDM can be offered by autonomous institutes instead of colleges affiliated with any university.



Distance MBA VS Distance PGDM - Which course to go for?


The predicament of picking an able course after graduation is perhaps the most predominant issue among students. Both distance PGDM and distance MBA courses lay the way for an undeniable profession in the business organization field. Students frequently feel bewildered as a result of the various choices accessible to them to seek after truly amazing jobs.

A commonsense choice is generally founded on profound exploration and on a sensible correlation between every one of the accessible choices.

This blog is totally committed to the people who will make their profession in the administration area after their graduation. It's obviously true that we have various choices accessible to seek after advanced education however this large number of courses vary based on qualification, educational program, term, and, surprisingly, open somewhat various professions regardless of whether these courses are from a similar space.


Distance MBA VS Distance PGDM - Curriculum


Both of these courses have a lot of differences in their curriculum and looking at these differences only students can take the final decision.


Distance MBA is a PG program offered by recognized colleges affiliated with universities. The universities have their own set syllabus or curriculum for MBA and it doesn’t offer any freedom to colleges to change the subjects on their own. Also, Distance MBA programs focus more on the theoretical aspects of the management domain and teach subjects like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and other subjects that vary based on the chosen specialization. The curriculum of Distance MBA and Regular MBA remains the same as per the guidelines of UGC-DEB.

Distance PGDM is a diploma program designed to impart both theoretical and practical knowledge to students. The curriculum of the PGDM program is not as rigid as MBA because these courses are offered by individual institutes and they can alter the curriculum as per the industrial needs. PGDM programs are designed to develop employable skills and hence the curriculum is dynamic and focuses more on practical knowledge. The curriculum of both Distance and Regular PGDM remains the same to provide the same industrial experience to every student.


Difference between Distance PGDM & Distance MBA



Distance PGDM

Distance MBA


Approving Authority

AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.

AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India, UGC Approval is needed at the university level.


Valid and equivalent to Post Graduate Degree.

Valid Post Graduate Degree.


Depend upon the institution. Most PGDM institutions have better placement records than MBA institutions.

Depends upon the institution. Comparatively, Some of the MBA institutions like FMS, JBIMS have better placement records

Course Syllabus

Dynamic, Gets updated as per the needs of the industry. The syllabus is approved by AICTE.

The syllabus is prepared by universities and gets updated less frequently.

Innovative Practices

Teaching and training are multidimensional. Cases, simulations, presentations, and short-term training are part of pedagogy.

Limited scope for innovation as practices are defined by syllabus prepared by central body i.e. University.


Conclusion -


In this blog, we have explained all the key differences between Distance MBA and Distance PGDM courses that can help you in taking a well-researched decision regarding your career. Half of the students consider that MBA and PGDM courses are the same.

But, this is not the case as they both offer you different subjects. Both MBA and PGDM are related to a great extent but they both have their own uniqueness. Students are advised to analyze all the differences before starting their careers and choose what lies in their interests.

A Distance MBA  degree would give you an edge over a Distance PGDM when it comes to reputed job profiles. But PGDM programs are offered by many reputed institutes and colleges and hence students after PG Diploma are able to secure good job profiles. Hence, both the programs have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice depends upon the interests of students in the subjects offered by these programs.


You can find all the Distance MBA & PGDM programs offered by all the colleges in India on SimpliDistance with all their exact details like course overview, curriculum, fees, etc.