Edward Christopher Wente and the Condenser Microphone

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Edward Christopher Wente was an instrumental figure in the the series of advancements that led to the modern day telephone. An American industrial scientist, he worked at Western Electric & Bell Labs to develop microphones and compression driver lousdpeakers.

Edward Christopher Wente,Guest Posting or E.C. Wente, was hired by Western Electric to improve the quality of telephone audio. By the end of his life, E.C. Wente was known for his work with the condenser microphone. Wente's work was instrumental in the history of the telephone, telecommunications and the development of the answering service industry.

Wente's research on the microphone was used specifically in sound studies. He was hired to try and relieve the background noise that was coming up on telephone receivers. Wente used the old electrostatic transmitter to change it into the first flat frequency response microphone, or condenser transmitter. This condenser transmitter consisted of one hundred times greater sensitivity than the sensitive transmitter. This sensitivity made the device practical, minus the fact that the device needed to be connected to a vacuum tube preamplifier to work to the best of its ability. The vacuum tube acted as an amplifier of the low single output. As years passed, Wente condensed the designs allowing electrical recording process and motion picture sound. This allowed the device to have different models such as being used on tabletop, floor standing, or able to be hung.

Besides working with the condenser microphone, E.C. Wente and his team were assigned to develop a sound system to be used in films and cinema theaters. This invention came to be known as the “light valve.” The light valve used the previous vacuum tube and converted audio voltage levels of light to expose movie film. It produced variable density sound patterns on film. This was the basis for the "sound-on film" process in later years.

Wente also aided in the invention of the compression driver, the dynamic mic, and acoustical wall materials. With all of the innovations he has made, E.C. Wente definitely stands out in the sound and production business and is an instrumental figure in the history and technology of the modern day telephone answering service.

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