Emerging Trends and Challenges in Baking Sector

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The bakery industry is experiencing massive development with more than two thousand big bakery chains and almost a million small-scale bakeries. The employment generation is in the millions since this industry is particularly labour-intensive and one of the lowest investment sectors.

The bakery industry is experiencing rapid growth with more than nine percent annual growth both in India and worldwide. The bakery industry is experiencing massive growth with more than two thousand big bakery chains and almost a million small-scale bakeries. The employment generation is in the millions since this industry is extremely labour-intensive and one of the lowest investment sectors. The good news is that the bakery industry currently is the largest component of the food processing sector in India. It is expected that the bakery industry will reach almost eleven billion dollars in 2021. The annual growth of this industry is expected to reach ten percent within the next decade from 2020 to 2030.


Currently,Guest Posting the market industry is dominated by biscuits and bread which are used in a mass way by the market. You will be surprised to know that currently, India stands second to the United States for producing biscuits. Consequently, biscuits and bread are Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry (FMCG), is already consumed daily which increases the product sales greatly. Also, the good news is that due to the rapid expansion of the fast-food industry which is serving fast food items like burgers, sandwiches, snacks, etc. there has been a huge demand for bakery products. When you add value-added bakery products that are loved by the public in India due to western influences, eating habits, and changing lifestyles respectively.


Emerging Trends in the bakery industry


Both the Indian and global bakery industries are showing emerging trends such as the preference for healthier and lighter foods. There is so much variety of healthy foods such as brown bread, multigrain bread, gluten-free bread, and sweet bread which can be consumed by both healthy people and also patients. These stores are spread across the whole nation and are selling these items in a big way. Besides bread and biscuits, you can see that bakeries are making all kinds of pastries and cakes respectively. The main reason for these emerging trends is the explosion of diabetes in the whole nation and worldwide. You will get all kinds of sugar-free and healthy bakery products. 


Bakeries in India have introduced sustenance foods such as handcrafted granola which is packed with nuts, gluten-free, and seeds, and sweetened with locally sourced organic honey, which has done extremely well. Healthier bakery items have become so popular that old legends are also increasingly keeping healthy food items in their stores considering the demand.


A new trend in the bakery industry is that of the preference for homemade items. For example, there are a pure variety of homemade chocolates which are available at the time of festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas respectively. Due to the very high demand for lots of homemade chocolates and also other bakery items the prices are very high since they are extremely hygienic and healthy. The trend of homemade products is extremely popular in urban India and lately, this trend is developing rapidly in village areas. Even small bakeries are also rapidly catching on to this trend and focus on quality products.


Challenges in the Bakery Industry


Just like the positives in every industry the bakery industry is facing a host of challenges. Due to the very high demand for healthy food, bakery stores need to invest in a whole lot of facilities to enhance the food quality and hygiene. For example, there should be a lot of toilets, changing rooms for the workers and also handwashing facilities. As per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSAAI) all bakery stores must have drying facilities, washbasin, dustbin, soap, suitable temperature water supply, and tap. It must have facilities which have a lot of hygienically designed toilets.



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