Family Violence

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Society sometimes may be really cruel and create monsters that act like animals even within a family. This article is for those who are familiar with the expression “family violence”. If you are a considerate citizen, you’ll take this into account and try to make the situation a little better.

“Family for and individual is a multiplied self”,Guest Posting says the saying, one can’t but agree with. A family is the first social group where you grow up and learn the simplest things. So the influence of it makes the first step in formation of a personality. It is hard to see, how negative can this influence be. In the twenty first century it seems as if there are no problems inside the social group and everything goes fine but when you hear about numerous accidents that happen in one’s household your hair starts rising from a thought: “How could mother nature possibly create such a monster?” Family violence is not a surprising fact today and sometimes people even show indifference towards it. As soon as it won’t happen to them they don’t care, but when it comes to trouble in our household, we rush to complain about everybody’s indifference to your situation. 

The most horrifying thing about family violence is that children suffer physically and mentally most of all. In one of American schools children were asked to write a compare and contrast essay on a free topic. When the papers were turned in teacher went home taking them along. She didn’t show up at work on time, she was at the dean’s office, crying and reading a paper of one student, who compared life in his family with the life of his friend’s. The case ended in the court and cruel parents were put into jail for three years each for child abuse. I’m quite sure that we’ll have to read a lot of similar compare and contrast essays if we give the task to every school in the US. Mass media is full of stories like this and that leaves us with no hope for this problem to be solved. Fortunately, we still have people who think that their duty is to help those in need. They arrange funds, create associations, and get their force into the governmental branches and into international organizations. They do a lot to correct the situation but unfortunately there is no way to see this terrible thing coming in a family. 

Cases of violence don’t depend on social or financial status. It happens in wealthy household as well as in the family of the poor. Sometimes a conflict razes out of nothing, a trifle that makes people nervous and anxious. We can describe various situations for a very long time and make this story endless, but our main aim is to help those who have survived or observe violence in the family. First of all, you must remember that violence can be not only physical but also mental and sometimes the consequences of the last are more severe than of the first. Your role in the family doesn’t matter. Just because you are a son or a mother you don’t have to stand violence because of some rules that you were taught. Every person has a right to protect his/her life, it is said in every constitution and you might want to buy a one for reference. If you have experienced family violence, don’t be afraid to tell about it. The quicker you do it the sooner you’ll get help and be safe. There is nothing to be ashamed of. In this situation you are not guilty, you are the victim, besides if you don’t turn for help at once, and other members of the family may suffer. It is a sad topic to discuss, but this is a burning problem nowadays and without discussion there will be no solution. Everything comes from the genuine interest. If you are willing to help and have some suggestions, I’m sure many people will be showing you gratitude.

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