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All people are born with a definite purpose, a definite mission to fulfill on the Earth. We are to follow our calling, but very often people face the problem of not knowing what they want to do or of being afraid of following their calling, due to some reasons. Why does this happen? And what should we think of when making crucial decisions in our life?

We are often said to listen to our heart and follow our calling. It sounds pretty easy and understandable; however,Guest Posting most people have difficulties when have to define their “activity of life” or calling, in other words. That’s because we often enjoy doing some activities or feel that no activity brings us real pleasure. Besides, we may like something but give up our idea, because we do not find an adequate feedback from our parents or friends, or society as a whole. Some professions seem prestigious, while our hobby may look too insignificant or even funny, which makes us stick to prestigious professions that are appreciated in the society.

Not always we can easily determine our future profession, let alone calling. Firstly, when graduating from the high school a lot of teenagers simply do not know what they want to do in the future. So many of them rely on parents’ advice or on social standards or act according to other motivations. When they enter college and find themselves displaced, they would rather custom research paper than make independent work, because they do not feel motivated for the latter. Some people choose salary instead of profession and forget that, in Virgil’s words, “Your profession is not what brings home your paycheck. Your profession is what you were put on earth to do. With such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling”. A good salary is not a bad option, but the most important thing is doing what you really enjoy and what brings you moral satisfaction, not only material. People are so different and have so various talents and inclinations. Some may enjoy going to the mountains and overcoming enormous height; others may get adrenaline from working as a freelance writer. Performing your work with pleasure – that’s what really matters, either you are creating a masterpiece painting, fixing a broken computer or nursing. Listen to your heart! Words that have already become a truism still work. Indeed, try to hear your inner voice that would prompt you what to choose. Sure, you always have to remember about responsibility when making a choice. People spend so much time at their work places, that one cannot ignore career as such and career objectives, inasmuch as calling transformed into career makes a large part of anyone’s life. However, some people may find that their calling is not taking some clerk position in a large bank or even cherished career of a pop-star. Some people want to realize their aspirations at home or in the garden, for example. Although it may sound not challenging for modern people, it doesn’t mean that such activities are worthless. If you are doing something with love, if you are doing what you like and it brings pleasure to you or maybe even to others, than you made a right choice.

Not many people can proudly say that in their life they are following their calling. Being one of them can be considered as success. So, don’t give up your dreams just because they sound strange to others. If all the people were performing only socially accepted activities and jobs, we would hardly have great inventors, scientists, artists and leaders.

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