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Why do so many of us prefer just go with the stream? Such people don’t believe that a supreme aim automatically pushes all the negative factors out of the perception area and their consciousness.

Purposeful people have more positive life approach than the rest of us: the desire to attain the goal captures them and they just have no time for “chewing out” their troubles. Once they have attained an aim they immediately set another one. They never stop at the accomplished. If you really have the aim you want to achieve,Guest Posting then it immediately turns into a powerful positive factor in your consciousness. In other words, the goal you choose for yourself today becomes a positive factor that your perception area had no idea of yesterday. If it is real and attainable, you gain an effective stimulus revealing your capabilities and talents.  The aim becomes the guiding star of your consciousness, shining like a number one luminary among other positive factors. And all of them reflecting its light come to sparkle and radiate. If aims are so significant to our life attitude, then why do so many of us prefer just go with the stream? Such people don’t believe that a supreme aim automatically pushes all the negative factors out of the perception area and their consciousness.  They reject the idea that a new or a restated aim is the greatest present we can give to ourselves. Absolutely for free.

Which of the presents would you ask to “wrap up” for yourself first of all? Which of the variants listed below corresponds to your character? How will you change your life for better? You will read four variants to choose from, tick off the one which appeals to you most. I am going to: Set new aims for myself (or to reconsider the old ones). I will plan my weekend so that I can enjoy it for a long time.  Probably I will just amend the present aim. Perhaps new plans will require extra expenses or long discussion with either friends or family. I am likely to cut down my present duties and obligations to allocate more time for realizing my plans.  Whatever it may be, rest is the best way for me to balance my life and improve my mood. So, my essay research paper on History will have to wait till I have some inspiration. Think of a new aim that will become an additional positive aspect in my perception area.  I will make a list of possible variants and now and then I will peep into it until I feel enthusiastic about one of the points. For example I will regard learning to play some musical instrument, parachute jumping, obtaining some academic degree, etc. I will consider all the variants very seriously, everything that can fill me with the feeling of success.  I am giving a solemn promise that I will think about each point   from the list. Then I will discuss it with my close people and the list will be reduced. Making a final choice, I will follow my fondest desires.  As soon as I have made up my mind, I will place my new aim in the positive perception area. And I will do everything to attain it. If it is necessary I will learn how to write a winning essay ( I will choose the positive factor among those I have in my perception area and transform it into a meaningful aim.  I promise to think over the following opportunities:  to devote more time to traveling, make my hobby a business, to start up a career in a new sphere.  If my job is boring, I will try myself at something different. On deciding, I will work out a strategy and tactics for achieving my goal.  This is my choice! This is my life!

I will carefully analyze negative factors in my perception area and I will choose those to be transferred into positive ones.  I will change the formulation of a negative element and I will take it to the positive section of perception area.  Then I will transform it into a positive aim.  Surely I will come across a lot of difficulties.  I should be careful, but I must not refuse and retreat from better changes in my life. Once I have determined the prior aim, I will develop a set of intervening stages for achieving it.  I know that when I manage to attain one of the intervening stages, it will imply the first step in forming a new and more constructive life approach. I am sure life is better and much more interesting if you know where you go. Now you have defined how you can change your life for better, be persistent and optimistic and you will surely find what you have been searching for.

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