Future Plans or Dreams?

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Dreams and plans seem to sound differently but if to research fro this problem more deeply, one can find some contradiction. This article proposes extraordinary views on the problem and solution to some of them.

We all know that future is uncertain and unpredictable. At the same time there is hardly a person in the world who does not plan,Guest Posting projecting some events or actions. Such planning makes a foundation of human living. Without planning, a man would not develop and society would not develop as well. Dreams, although a bit different from plans, also determine the way we move. As Carl Sandburg wrote, ”Nothing happens unless first we dream.”

Dreams and plans are often used as synonyms or very connected things http://www.aug.edu/~sbadph/mgmt4550/4550stu06.pdf. However, the sense people put into these words is a bit different. Dreams are more like something fantastic, something of utmost extent, and something really great; whereas plans are more down-to-earth. Planning is everywhere. Most people plan every day, starting with time when to get up and ending with what to eat for supper. At times something unpredictable occurs and instead of writing our authentic essay on, say, effects of Cold war on current US-Russia relationship, we go to custom research papers writing service. Sure, there are always unplanned events and even unplanned decisions. That brings more intensity to life, but the tendency lies in everyday planning. There is another kind of planning – long-term planning, like planning of career growth, etc.  Dreams differ in a way that a person can have a dream, while not planning to achieve it, for example, a dream to make a space trip, become a freelance writer. This childish fancy can accompany someone in the course of entire life. Still, it does not mean that a person will make any step to put it in practice. That is like a fairy-tale we want to believe in and that’s what we may think of before going to bed just to give way to our imagination. So, what’s the point of such dreams, one may ask. Even if there is no practical use of such dreams, there is one important function. They give us reason for living; they take us away from routine life.

Plans and dreams are stimulating factors, which provide us with life coordinates and very often determine the way we will develop. That is why dreaming within reasonable limits and planning without fanaticism will bring you more confidence and incentive.

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