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In this article We are motivating the students who are going for UGC NET Exam by taking example of famous people.On the exam time student gets depressed ot stressed this factsor affect the student exam even he is a bright student so making them positive before exam is fruitful thing for them.

Get Motivated to Study: UGC NET 2016 Exam Approaching

Little bit about UGC NET Exam: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducting the National Eligibility Test (NET) on behalf of the University Grants Commission. This examination gets conducted to select best candidates for eligibility of Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF).

We all know that UGC NET is about to come in July,Guest Posting Students are preparing for the exam for months. Soon UGC NET Admit card will be released. Some of the students are too stressed & some are ready to take the challenge. There are some questions arising in everyone’s mind “How will my exam go?” “Will I Succeed in exam?”

Nowadays competition is getting tough, everyone wants to succeed, they study a lot but who is studying in a right way, No-one knows. After a hard work if they don’t get selected in the exam, this led to them in depression. Study in a Right way is a factor of success.

In childhood everyone has heard the story about Turtle & hare. A turtle who was slow but continuous in his work. He did not stop until got to reach at the destination. On the other side there was a hare who stopped his effort in the middle of the destination and failed. At last Tortoise won the race.” Continue your hard work until you get success.” Avoid overconfidence like rabbit.

The key of success in any exam is “Practice a lot”. No one is born perfect. Your hard work makes you perfect in any field. So it is up to you how much you want to achieve. By continued practice a fool person can become intelligent.

Boys Did you ever feel bored boy while playing your favorite game or Girls while shopping. The answer is Big NO. Because you enjoy that moment, same as make your study fun. The day when you will start to enjoy studying, success will start following you.

All of you have seen the “3 idiot movie”, there is a dialogue in the movie “Success ke peeche mat bhago. Kabil bano kabil.Kamyabi toh saali jhak maar ke peeche ayegi.

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Dr Val Brooks, a specialist in educational assessment of Warwick University's Institute of Education says " Those who have a working style based on breaking down tasks into small, manageable parts end up with success,". When you feel mentally tired or lazy, it’s time to enjoy the moment.

Self-confidence is the biggest secret in exams because it shows your performance in exams. A student who is confident is more than likely to write correct answers even out of common sense. Listen to your inner voice which always says you “You can do it “.” You have to do”.

Your laziness makes you away from success. Everyone gets an opportunity in life, but most of the times people avoid it due to laziness. If you feel like lazy, just ask yourself “Why not today”? The other people are getting the success they are also a normal human being like you.

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