Home Tuition Is Becoming the New Trend In Singapore

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Home Tuition, the concept of having a home tutor travel to your home specially to tutor your child. This concept is growing worldwide, with billion-dollar home tuition industries spawning in many developing countries such as Singapore. This article will explain why home tuition is so popular in countries such as Singapore.

Singapore is internationally known to be a nation that focuses on education. It's academic curriculum and examination standards are infamously difficult,Guest Posting which explains why its local examinations are often held as a standard internationally. However, with the education standard rising every year, parents and students are finding it increasingly hard to keep up, and schools need time to adapt and evolve their system to become more holistic and more sufficient. It is no wonder that the tuition industry is a billion-dollar market in Singapore.

Why tuition at home? Firstly, there is a strong demand and need for tuition, as schools often do not provide enough for students to do well. A major issue with schools is that it adopts a one-size-fits-all approach, and with up to 40 students in one class, it is difficult for school teachers to give individual attention to children. Those with different learning styles from the rest and often left out, and this is where home tuition is so helpful because a home tutor can give personalized teaching to help the child develop his full learning potential.

How about tuition centres? Most tuition centres do not offer one-to-one tuition, but rather a small group tuition of about five to ten students. Such an arrangement does has its advantages, but most students who need tuition in fact learn best when alone. Thus, having group tuition in fact defeats the whole purpose of seeking tuition in the first place.

Home Tuition has many advantages. Firstly, students can save time by not having to travel down to the tuition centres which may not be located very near to the students' home. Secondly, parents can be more assured as their child is being tutored in the safe haven of their own house, especially if the student and tutor are of different genders. Nowhere is safer than home! Thirdly, private tuition is often sourced from tuition agencies which are dime a dozen in Singapore. Parents can afford to trial and error with different tutors to find one that is most suitable for their child. This is done easily, as one-to-one tuition at home does not have a contractual period, unlike with tuition centres.

Singapore Home Tuition is currently the most popular form of tuition, dominating two-thirds of the entire tuition industry. Parents and students are starting to appreciate the availability and abundance of home tutors in Singapore which really makes the choice simple. Home tuition is undoubtedly the best option when it comes to seeking educational help for your child.

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