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This article outlines the benefits of private maths tuition in the United Kingdom

Pressure to succeed academically is becoming greater and greater in the United Kingdom. Students are expected to reach stringent government targets at key stages 2,Guest Posting 3 and 4. Teachers often do not have the time to go over topics with students if they ‘don’t get things first time’. So invariably parents are turning to an alternative solution, private home tuition.

Private home tuition in subjects like Mathematics is becoming more popular because students are falling behind. Mathematics has traditionally been a difficult subject, the kind of subject that you either love or hate. Alas the majority of students dislike it and often require additional support in the subject.

With the continuing decline in classroom behaviour in the United Kingdom, students are missing out on the essential education that they require. Teachers are also under more pressure to meet ever increasing government targets and fill in paper work, which means that they are unable to spend enough time with students to help them with any problems that they are encountering with their studies.

So how does private tuition work? Once you contact a private tuition agency to arrange for private tuition you will be contacted by a home tutor, who is CRB checked in accordance with the protection of children act. The home tutor who typically will be a either a graduate or a teacher in a school will discuss with you your child's educational needs, in order to establish the level and frequency of tuition that they feel is best for your child. Typically the tutor will travel to your house to conduct the lessons which typically will be around an hour in length. During the lesson the tutor will address the areas of difficulty that your child is encountering within the subject that they are being tutored in and provide exam practice and preparation.

With one to one maths tuition, students are able to raise any areas of difficulty within Mathematics that they may have with their tutor, and have it explained in a clear and professional manner. Secondly, more able students are able to progress more quickly in their studies as more topics can be covered on a one to one basis, compared to in a classroom environment, where disruptive students can hold back more able students who wish to learn.

Typically a student will learn twice as much via a one to one private tuition approach in a single lesson compared to that of a classroom environment where there are many disruptions varying from noise to other disruptive students. The cost of home tuition can be off putting for many parents, the benefits however definitely outweigh the costs. For example students are often more confident as a result of the private tuition that they receive.  Students are often ahead of their peers too, as topics can be covered more quickly as a result of the tuition that they receive.

Top grade tutoring, a private mathematics tuitionagency formed by Steven Britton in his home town of Halesowen West Midlands has successfully helped over 120 people in Mathematics. He claims that a staggering 85% of all people that have been taught by tutors there have moved up at least one grade in Mathematics.

So as you can see it really does make sense to invest the time and money into your child’s education. You could argue that this perhaps a sad reflection on the state of the British education system that has been ruined by the policies of the new labour government since 1997, but with every problem there is a solution and this is definitely the way to go and an excellent alternative to private education which certainly is costly.

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