How Does Education Affect Our Generation?

Apr 7


Wade Tackett

Wade Tackett

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It is no longer surprising that the modern world has changed much over the decades. Education and the contemporary generation have changed as well. The matter is that all the cultural metamorphoses moves and changes have been manifested within the human society and reflected in many areas of its life including the education.


However,How Does Education Affect Our Generation?  Articles it's a kind of a metaphysical speculation: what influences what? either education on the generation or the generation has an impact on the modern education? Anyway, I would like to cast a light upon the issue or at least have a try to.

Ways of influence

There are numerous ways the education influences the modern society including the growing generation of youngsters. However, to be objective, age demands bring new solutions in terms of culture, moral, ethics and of course education. Education is the main channel by means of which the future generation forms its values and preferences, etc. the formation of the strata of society is also achieved due to the education in some way.

When we are intelligent, it may bring us to the higher echelon of power, to the administrative posts and so on. Some professions are not available to the people with no higher education or not educated at all. Modern rhythm of the educational process prepares the new generation for extreme competition on the constantly changing labor market and requires to be more flexible and adaptive to it.

Through education, teachers put the fundamental family and personal relationships values into the students. It is the leveler of prestige as well. The better you study, the more respected in your family and work place you are further on, etc. Being educated you can contribute into the development of your own country and become a part of the global economy. There are various examples proving that education affect the generations greatly. Another question is a negative influence what also has a place to be.

Sometimes, generation is lost due to the lack of appropriate education or complete inability to get some. African countries and some countries of the economically underdeveloped world cannot give possibilities of education for generations. There is still a huge gap between many world nations due to the educational issues, indeed. Education does affect the other countries, because the people who are educated or not educated are the inhabitants.

This is a chain reaction, succession of actions and phenomena that make the world reflect and face the consequences. The process of globalization is not possible without learning and teaching. When the generation is lost, that means that it was educated poorly or educated in a specific way, etc. Needless to say that the most educated nations give birth to the most talented generations.

However, the meaning of the educational process is often underestimated even in the economically developed countries. Education influences youth because it is a multi-component and a unified way to give the knowledge of the world from the predecessors to the next generations. Even with the development of the new technologies, we still need someone to teach us simple things of the surrounding world.

There is no way to reach the stars without being educated, indeed, otherwise, it is a million times harder. Both negatively or positively, education has been influencing the society for centuries. Even modern world is hard to imagine without studies and lectures, exams or any other attribute of the learning process. The more you learn, the more you contribute into the future generations and their wealth. Think of it!

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