Children Educational Software-a Review

Jun 3


Preeti Narayan

Preeti Narayan

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Children educational software are now becoming important part of education. Your children can gain many advantages from them if you choose the right one…


Good education is the secret to better future. Earlier,Children Educational Software-a Review Articles reading books were the only means of educating children. Now with advent of technology, children educational software are available that help to make education easy for your kids.

Mainly, children educational software serves three purposes:

1. They provide entertainment along with education. This makes learning easy and fun for kids. That’s why, children educational software is also known as edutainment.

2. They teach basics of important subjects to children. For example, you will find many educational software teaching math, science and social studies, etc.

3. For older children, the educational software teaches important study skills. For example: How to concentrate and memory power.

Different types of children educational software are available on internet:

1. Some educational software is available in the form of colourful graphics, animations and stories. In fact this kind of educational software is just like video games with an important difference, they teach education related topics to children.

2. Educational software is also available as electronic books or ebooks that you can download to your computer. They contain text information along with pictures, tables or charts.

The first kind of educational software is best suitable for kids below 12 years of age. As research shows that younger children are more attracted towards colourful images and stories. Hence they learn better from animated and colourful educational software.

Example of some good children educational software for younger children:

Jumpstart series for age 3-6 (www.

I Love Science series for age 9-12

For children above 12, educational ebooks are more suitable. Since older children have to learn more information at school and college. They also have to give many exams. Good educational ebooks can guide your children to learn better and score higher.

Example of good children educational software for children above 12 years of age: Success Mindware: Total self-development program for children ( This popular educational software is a set of 10 pdf ebooks that includes easy practical exercises, charts and worksheets. It helps to develop study skills, brainpower, self-esteem, personality and many other skills essential to succeed in higher education.

Thus you have a wide choice in selecting children educational software for your kids. By buying a right kind of educational software, you can make learning easy for your children.