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English may be the most popular International language. But,Guest Posting the fact is, many people find it hard to grasp the complicated grammatical structure of English. Spellings are another major roadblock as are phonetics and nuances. Many parents find that they need the assistance of a good English tutor to help their child overcome these difficulties.

However, choosing an English tutor is not all that easy. For one thing, a certified teacher may not really have a Major in English. Therefore, such a teacher may not have undergone studies or training in grammar, writing, linguistics and so on. So, how do you know which teacher is good for the child?

Here are a few tips to help you choose a good English tutor.

  • If the child is in elementary school, it is better to look for a teacher from that level as such a teacher knows how to handle young children. At the very least, hire an English tutor who has experience in teaching younger children.

  • A child in a higher grade needs more intensive tutoring. At this stage, an English tutor with a degree in English language structure or a teacher who has majored in English Literature may be equally good. A teacher with some background in English structure may be helpful in case of pronunciation problems.

  • For college students, it is absolutely necessary to choose an English tutor with a University degree in English. A degree in English Honours is also desirable for advanced courses.

  • Although it is desirable to look for an English tutor who is a native speaker of English, it must be remembered that non-native speakers can teach just as well, particularly if they have been handling English as a child.

  • It is important to get all the required information from the teacher before you hire them. Does the English tutor have a license, do they charge a deposit, how do they take payment, will classes be taken at your home, are there any cancellation charges, if so, how much, and so on.

  • Reputed service providers make it a point to assess the child before they designate a teacher to the child. This allows them to find a tutor who matches the unique requirements of the child.

One of the best resources for those looking for a good English tutor is the internet. Several online tutorial services offer the services of excellent English tutors.

After you hire the English tutor, it is important to ask the tutor for updates regarding your child’s progress. You must also check with the child to ascertain that he or she is comfortable with the teacher and has fun learning from them. After all, this is the ultimate test of a good tutor.

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