How to Love Writing?

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You can trust me that writing will help you to grow and develop your potential. When you write you discover whether you really understand the problem, or think you do; and the very process of writing makes you think, and think much.

“How do I start writing?“. Everyone who had to produce a good writing was tormented with this question.  My answer will be trivial - you start writing by taking a pen and beginning to convey your thoughts from your mind to the blank sheet of paper. There is no “secret formula’ about it; like anything else it requires a small portion of talent and the rest is your persistent daily hard work. Only persevering and having extensive practice will improve your writing.  I do not want you to get scared with these words; neither do I intend to sound like “know – everything” wimp. What I aim at is to prove that you can write well,Guest Posting if you really set your mind to it.

So next time you are assigned a written project at college, don’t yield to temptation of buying first- rate custom research paper. Fulfil the task yourself - it will be your first accomplishment inspiring you to write more and more. Though your first writing product may be too far from a good one - it is natural. The main thing is that - you did it. Now you know what your mistakes were, in your next copy you will perform better. That is a simple axiom of your progress: the more you write – the better you do it.  Surely you should take lessons from every mistake you made and avoid them in future.

To polish your style and get acquainted with essential basics of writing, you can read a guide on writing styles and techniques. You will apply the acquired knowledge right into another piece of writing. Don’t go to extremes with reading too much theory. Every author has his/her opinion of writing which they impose on other writers. It is often the case when several guides give contradictory recommendations concerning a particular issue. Do not get lost in chaos of opposing opinions. Limit yourself to 2-3 authoritative guides that are commonly approved. A better way of improving your writing is to read the works of others. But do not just read for pleasure or obtaining information, think and reflect on author’s style.  No matter what source comes your way: an article from academic journal, an advert from the magazine, or Galsworthy’s “The Forsyte Saga “, analyse the writer’s style. It will help you to find your own individual writing slant – your personal writing path. I think that the best general advice on writing is given by Michael Harvey (the author of online writing guide that can be found at I hope his words will always keep you inspired and enthusiastic about this exciting activity “Learn to stop worrying and just love words. In the end, write for yourself—write to think, write to learn and write to become a wiser and better person.”

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