How to Protect Children from Advertising?

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Can our children resist strong and obtrusive influence of advertising? We can teach children to be more critical to advertising, presented in attractive and imperative form.

Freelance is open for everyone who desires to start working in it.  There is a difference in attitude to this form of employment around the world. In France and Germany it is prestigious to work in corporations and in USA the specialist maybe proud if he becomes a free creator.  If you have made up your mind to join the increasing number of freelancers take consider the information below. Among the most evident disadvantages of this job are: instability of earnings.  The specialist never knows how much he is going to make the next month,Guest Posting to say nothing of a year forecast. Though if you are a reputable freelancer life wages are guaranteed for you. 

The work only seems to be easy.  No fixed working hours often suggest that after a three day vacation you will have to work 12–14 a day during a week. Writers who work for custom writing services and provide essay writing help for students often have such tense schedule. Freelancers do everything themselves:  finding the customer and getting their money.  You can’t do here without efficient self advertising, but not everyone can really make it work. Sometimes it is very troublesome to get paid for the job you have fulfilled. Some firms don’t transfer money via the banks, the others do it via a particular bank, in another company you have to sign something you don’t understand, some agree on any terms but pay too little.  There are cases of absolute fraud. And besides it is a problem to prove that you have been deceived. That is why experienced freelancers advise to reject the offer of a job if you notice something suspicious in the customer’s behaviour. 

Freelancers enjoy no bonuses, you may forget about medical insurance, paid vacation, and pension package and so on. Freelancing has its own strong advantages otherwise it would not be so popular. You don’t have to keep to fixed working hours. You choose yourself when to work and when to have rest. Psychological comfort. The circumstances do not push you to enter new company where conflicts can’t be avoided.  According to the survey published on 47% of employees always have conflicts at work. Free in choice of an interesting job. Experienced freelancer has a lot of useful connections, knows the market quite well and the number of his clients allows him to select only the most beneficial orders. You have an opportunity to cooperate with more than one company and it keeps him/ her open for different spheres of activity. The income of an experienced and successful freelancer is equal to the income of the office employee and sometimes can even exceed it. Before you take the career of a freelancer make up your own list of pros and cons of this profession as you se it.  My own advice will be do not fall into illusion that you will become a free person. Maybe a person who is the manager of his/her own time. Yes, but it requires more responsibility as well.

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